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Before hoping that an Internet user will use your services, it is essential to give them confidence. Even more so in the home renovation and equipment sectors, where customers are likely to be suspicious. Among the best practices to promote trust among your visitors , one in particular is probably the most important in your sector: social proof .
According to this principle defined in social psychology, an indecisive individual will tend to adopt the behavior of other people.

And it is exactly on this idea that our recommendations today are based, essential for your business.

1/ Communicate a satisfaction rating using a review aggregator

Your clients are delighted with your work; you are sure of it! But do you let people know?
It is essential to collect satisfaction scores from your customers and then communicate about them effectively. ecommerce seo agency And reliably: review aggregators are also a guarantee for consumers that all reviews are real, and not invented or filtered to keep only the best.

These aggregators provide you with widgets for your site in order to promote reviews in different ways depending on your needs. This will allow you, for example, to:

  • Highlight the overall satisfaction rating in the header of your site
  • Integrate a reviews carousel on your home page. Or for example on the detail pages of each of your services, book marketing services keeping only the reviews associated with these services.

With these practices, you will be able to show your prospects that many customers have already been won over by your know-how!

There are a large number of aggregators in the market. Among them, some are specialized in the construction and housing sector:

  • Eldon: formerly Eldorado, it is used by many companies in the sector and is now known to the general public: having your reviews listed on Eldon is a guarantee of trust.
  • Opinion System: specialized in services and real estate, Opinion System also offers very good possibilities in terms of social proof.
  • More than Pro: also used by a number of industry players.

2/ Integrate customer testimonials into your site

Are you convinced of the importance of reviews and would like to highlight them more?
Beyond ratings , comprehensive testimonials are an excellent way to prove the quality of your service and support .

You can collect these testimonials using aggregators, or even ask your particularly satisfied customers to play the game.

Showing their name and city is an additional guarantee of trust. And if they accept it, featuring their photo is even better: integrating “human” visuals really help increase the confidence of your prospects.

Want to go further? You can even put your great customer cases to good use with video testimonials by carrying out a filmed interview with your customer. He will talk about his experience with your company and the benefits following the new developments. All interspersed with shots of the work carried out.

3/ Post photos of your achievements

Your teams do great work: show it.
Highlighting photos of achievements is yet another way to share the work done with your clients to convince new ones.

You can add a photo carousel to your site and, here too, on the pages dedicated to the services or products you offer.
It is also possible to take Before/After photos : nothing better to show the benefit brought by your intervention. Of course, this requires that both photos have similar framing and lighting, but a few precautions when shooting are enough.

You don’t have photos to feed this kind of content? So, we strongly recommend that you integrate taking photos into your team’s missions in the field. A few photos at the end of each project will give you a considerable resource to communicate on the projects carried out for your clients.

4/ Use these resources on your social networks

All the recommendations above apply to your website, but not only: social proof-oriented content is fully part of a Social Media strategy .
Whether it’s organic posts or sponsored posts, don’t hesitate to share your customers’ satisfaction !

You can thus image a customer testimonial to make it attractive and share it on the networks: 

Don’t hesitate to share your creations regularly – this is the best way to distribute your work on a regular basis to attract new clients.

5/ User Generated Content

Another way to use your customers’ experiences on networks: User Generated Content (UGC). This is content created by your clients themselves which demonstrates the work carried out by your company. You can then share this content with your community.

It is very unlikely that your customers will spontaneously share their experiences on the networks, but you can encourage them to do so with a competition. Enter an attractive prize, the winner of which will be drawn at random from among the people who have shared their experience with your company and photos of the achievement.
This way, you will get quality content that is very convincing in terms of social proof, ready to be used.

As you will have understood, social proof can have a strong impact on building the trust of Internet users, and there are many ways to create this type of content. You now have the keys in hand to maximize your chances of convincing your prospects of your know-how by using the positive experiences of your customers.

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