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Industrial explosions and fires cost billions of dollars every year, as well as thousands of innocent lives. These incidents usually occur due to a lack of safety measures and negligence on the part of the employer, people in charge, or the workers. If you are an employee in one of such dangerous industries, it helps to know the primary causes of these accidents to stay safe. 

Most industries cannot work with dangerous chemicals, which is unfortunate because these chemicals can destroy multiple lives at once. However, what can be done is practicing preventative measures to reduce the chances of injury and death. If you were injured at your workplace due to an explosion, consult with a plant explosion lawyer in texas today. 

Common causes of plant explosions 

  1. Combustible dust. 

Large pieces of materials may not be considered a fire hazard, but the dust that comes from them can be the reason for an explosion. In fact, dust is the biggest cause of an explosion in various industries, including metalworking, woodworking, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing. The fire can range from minor to full-blown explosions and kill hundreds. 

The best way to ensure explosions do not happen is to avoid dust accumulation. It is important to keep the workplace clean and keep housekeeping equipment ready at all times. 

  1. Hot work. 

Hot work, such as welding and torch cutting, are some of the most dangerous tasks and are one of the leading causes of fires and explosions. Other activities like brazing, burning, heating, and soldering are also risky jobs that pose a fire hazard. Hot work is also responsible for combustible dust fires because the sparks emerging from the work can ignite the dust. 

One way to reduce the risks is avoiding hot work if an alternative is available. Additionally, keep the work area clean and train the workers adequately. Having someone supervise the work is crucial to ensure everything is done safely. 

  1. Flammable gasses and liquids. 

Chemical plants in Texas involve working with several kinds of flammable gasses and liquids, which can result in devastating explosions. When investigating such explosions, it is found that most of them happened due to extreme negligence. To prevent such accidents, it is crucial to keep a few strict safety rules in place and adhere to the legal rules as well. 

  • Store flammable substances in proper containers.
  • Control ignition sources when heating combustible substances.
  • Ensure that employees have adequate protective equipment and training for the job. 

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