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NetBaseQuid is an innovative and interactive digital healthcare platform that provides data-driven intelligence of patient journeys. Created in partnership between the Mayo Clinic and NetBase, this new health solution is designed to help providers better understand their patient’s needs, behaviors, and health status.NetBaseQuid can be used by providers across the continuum, including doctor’s offices, hospitals, long-term care facilities, or other care settings. One of their strengths is the ability to build a patient journey that helps improve the care provided at NetBaseQuid hospitals. The NetBaseQuid team needed a single platform to deliver this journey and start affecting change immediately. The team looked at numerous platforms and ultimately selected an agile methodology called Scrum because it provides a framework for prioritizing work, estimating how long tasks will take, and meeting milestones throughout the development life cycle, along with other valuable benefits.

1.NetBase Quid Services

Microsoft Visual Studio is used to build the NetBaseQuid services. This provides a framework to develop, deploy and maintain mission-critical applications. The NetBaseQuid team also leveraged Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for two-thirds of their code because it allows for an elastic computing infrastructure to support the rapidly growing needs of their solution. They also used Visual Studio to develop their website, which they intended to be an agile, lean product. The team leveraged the component model and infrastructure patterns from the .NET Framework and open-source libraries to build their architecture.

2.NetBase Quid Technology

NetBaseQuid technology is a SaaS application that provides analytics on a patient’s journey through the care continuum. The solution can be used in acute care settings and applies to pre-admission and discharge processes. It also enables NetBase Quid hospitals to track these same industry benchmarks for their hospital and other providers. The company’s platform uses advanced data science and machine learning technologies to help providers glean insights from their data and drive healthcare toward value-based care.

3. Benefits of Scrum

The solution’s intuitive design allows doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to complete their daily responsibilities without interrupting the care flow. This helps ensure the correct information is delivered at the right time with minimal disruption. The team adopted Scrum to help them differentiate themselves in this rapidly changing industry. This helps them establish a long-term plan and keep up with the needs of their customers as they evolve. It also helps them focus on delivering maximum business value early in the project lifecycle. By adopting Scrum, NetBaseQuid can provide customers with a more innovative and productive solution.

4. Challenges

The NetBaseQuid team faced several challenges while implementing Scrum. The biggest challenge they faced was implementing the requirements of the product. However, they overcame these challenges with a continuous improvement mindset. This helped them understand how to leverage the product effectively and allowed them to achieve long-term business outcomes through better project management and communication between stakeholders. Also, the team faced challenges in the development phase of their solution. They learned through trial and error to automate testing and wait till later in their project lifecycle so that they could focus on delivering value to customers with higher priorities.

NetBaseQuid’s journey to digital healthcare has helped them better understand how their customers use their products. This also allows them to deliver a more innovative and valuable solution that can help improve the well-being of their customers. Taking an agile approach to developing NetBaseQuid helps the company stay ahead of the competition because it allows them to remain flexible and focused on customer outcomes.

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