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Now that you are studying in a country like the UK, you probably must have enrolled in a good college. But if you are looking forward to working part-time while studying in the UK, the good news is you can have a great scope in it. Some so many international students work part-time within or outside their university premises in the UK. You can search for the best essay writing service UK where you can help other students and earn income. Also listed are some of the best part-time jobs you can do. This way, you can pay off your educational loan, learn about UK work environments, make storing networking, and enhance your other skills.


This job is right for you if you are a social animal. To work in the restaurants present on the campus of your university or at some British pub as a server can give you many networking opportunities. You can meet new people and also learn about the UK tradition. Moreover, if your second language is English, you can brush up more if your language skills are fast, which can be an advantage. Besides, many guests often tip the server, so you can expect a great income earning part-time and bonus in the form of tips you can save or use for your next road trip.

Teaching Assistant 

If you want to make a career in the same field, then a part-time job in teaching assistance can be of great advantage for you. You can get the scope to help the tutors with lectures and offer other students possible feedback. The best part is you can get a professional experience in this industry which you can add to your resume. The teaching assistant job often is also reserved for postgraduate or graduate students. But if there is any vacancy for undergraduate students, don’t hesitate to take up this position because it’s all worth it.


Quiet similar to teaching, is tutoring. If you wish to look for a job that is impactful and enhances your teaching career, then tutoring is a great alternative. It also depends on where you work. You can consider tutoring teenagers, kids, or students from other universities. There are also tutoring opportunities for student who is good with people with special education needs. At times, the workplace would ask for a degree in the subject you have been tutoring, but if you are an undergraduate, then giving it a try won’t harm you.

Dog walker 

For animal lovers, this is the best job to consider. Besides, nothing can be a great therapy than going for a walk with furry animals. Furthermore, dog walking gives a good income and does not require any plan. In one way, it can be a stress hormone buster, so if you are an international student missing your home, consider this a great opportunity to lessen your loneliness. Also, you never know if you can get an opportunity to dog walk the individual with great job opportunities stored for you in the future.

Retail Working 

There are ample retail positions in the UK where you can choose. Most of the positions are active during November and December when the custom rush to the stores is quite a lot due to the holiday season. You can consider working at a pet, book, clothing, or technology store. Choose any of the shops of your interest, and you can enhance your skills in customer service, which can be a plus point if you are in the marketing or sales field. You can also earn additional commissions and more employee discounts on the items you sell.


If you have a second language that you speak fluently and is demanding in the UK, then the job market will have great opportunities stored for you. Being a translator can help you improve your networking and learn more about different topics. You can opt for jobs in this field to translate research, articles, or even company sites that can brush your language skills. Besides, you can make this your full-time career because the pay in the sector is quite high due to high demand.


There are many other job opportunities you can search for on campus or look in other areas outside but close to your university. Full-time students in the UK can work up to 20 hours during the semester. If they wish, they can also work full-time during summer breaks at the university. But as an international student, keeps in mind that you cannot be self-employed and must have a formal contract with an employer. 

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