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With Trend Micro, you can monitor your users’ activities, leverage the cloud for security, and simplify administration across all devices and users.

Protect your endpoints with the largest selection of solutions

You can protect your corporate data and your users’ privacy with Prima Secure Trend Micro endpoint security, whether they are using mobile devices or desktop computers. It is widely regarded that Trend Micro offers the most comprehensive endpoint security in the industry. There are a variety of ways to protect against advanced threats, including spyware, anti-packer attacks, encrypted data, device control, data loss prevention, risk mitigation, threat blocking, browser exploit protection, whitelisting, behavior analysis, and web threat protection. With minimal impact on your network or users, the user experience is light and fast.

Make sure your computer is malware-free

Security solutions from Trend Micro help protect desktops, tablets, and mobile devices from traditional attacks as well as highly sophisticated attacks.

Endpoints on both virtual and physical networks can be protected by multiple layers of anti-threat capabilities. Our clients can benefit from an improved time-to-protection by integrating our prevention, detection, analysis, and response processes, so that they can improve the moment of detection.

Simplifying and flexibly protecting you today and tomorrow

In its Smart Protection Suites, Trend Micro offers a variety of endpoint security solutions. With these interconnected, multilayer security suites, your users are protected regardless of their device or location. With Smart Protection Suites, you can protect your endpoints and mobile devices from mobile threats, as well as manage email, collaboration, and gateways. It is possible to view your environment’s security from each user’s perspective from a single management console, allowing you to manage each user individually across multiple danger vectors.

A hybrid environment or on-premises deployment is possible with the endpoint security solution. It is possible to make changes without obtaining a new license if necessary.

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