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We can recommend a great brand to you if you are not interested in or cannot afford ultra-expensive luxury watches. Any watch enthusiast or collector is sure to recognize this name. You’ve landed on the right website if you’re a novice collector or watch buyer who doesn’t know much about this brand. I’m referring to Bell & Ross here. In 1992, Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich established the Swiss watch brand Bell & Ross.

Before launching into business, Bell & Ross was a student initiative. What sets Bell & Ross apart from other watchmakers, then? They sell a wide variety of unusual timepieces, like the Bell & Ross BR05 GMT and the BR V2-94 Bellytanke. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about the Bell & Ross watch company.

  1. First automatic Chronometer in space 

This watch is just as trustworthy, precise, stylish, and easy to read as the instrument panel in a plane. Bell & Ross has made the first space-ready automatic watch. In 1994, the world’s first automatic wristwatch, the SPACED 1, was released. Bell & Ross’s first self-winding watch, the chronometer, was also their first mechanical timepiece. This Bell & Ross by SINN timepiece boasts a chronograph, a date display, hour and minute hands, and a day/date window.

  1. Vintage Collections

The original generation of watches in the antique collection had a classic dial that was unlike any other, rounded lugs, and no bezel. Even while the case has become more sophisticated with each successive vintage generation, the dial has stayed true to its original design. In its early days, Bell & Ross introduced their first vintage collection.

  1. The Beginning of Bell & Ross

In 1992, Bruno Belamich (Bruno) and Rosilio Belamich (Rosilio) founded the French luxury goods company Bell & Ross (Carlos A. Rosilio). Bell & Ross is an organization named in honor of the two men who founded it. For a class assignment, students created this brand. Belamich was responsible for the design of the watches, while Rosilio oversaw daily operations. Are Bell & Ross watches made in Switzerland? Producing the timepieces began in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

  1. Instrument Collections

Bell & Ross made the watches in their instrument series so that people working in perilous jobs may rest easier. They took inspiration from airplane cockpits and navigation devices. These watch series became the brand’s calling card, helping consumers identify Bell & Rose wherever they saw it. Due to their vast instrument collections, Bell & Ross have become the successful store they are today.

  1. Bell & Ross Donates Watch

In the history of aviation timepieces, Bell & Ross is renowned for technological innovation and military specifications. Bell & Ross has provided the French air force with pilot watches since 1992. In addition, they are the official provider of timepieces for the Escadron de Chasse 2/4 LaFayette and the French Space Program. In 2013, Bell & Ross contributed six timepieces to the Only Watch auction.

  1. Guinness World Record Holder

The answer is yes; Bell & Ross holds a Guinness World Record. Reliability and consistency are hallmarks of Bell & Ross. The Hydromax 11 100 M set a new world record in 1998 by being the most water-resistant watch ever, with the ability to withstand pressure up to a depth of 11,000 meters. For 44 years in a row, Guinness World Records have recognized them as the best in the world. This watch has earned a stellar reputation for its resilience and resistance to shock. Bell & Ross tests Hydro Max to make sure it can handle the pressure of the ocean floor. 

  1. Professional Watches

This company makes watches for those in dangerous jobs. Taking inspiration from the traditions and ideals of the military, the founders designed high-quality timepieces suitable for any environment, whether on the land, sea, or in the air. Pilot watches are some of the most popular because they are reliable timepieces for professionals. They put their high-end timepieces through rigorous durability tests, including exposure to ultraviolet light, chemicals, air pressure, and shock, before releasing them to the public.

  1. Bell & Ross’ Famous Wearers

Although Bell & Ross is not as well known as some other luxury watchmakers, any serious watch collector would be remiss to pass up the opportunity to add one of their timepieces to their collection. Even though Bell & Ross is 29 years old, it is still a high-end brand popular with celebrities. Everyone familiar with Robert Downey Jr. has a strong passion for exceptional timepieces. This luxury label lived up to his expectations. It’s not just Robert Downey Jr. Many famous people, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gordon Ramsay, are fans of this product.


Because of the aforementioned intriguing facts and high-quality products, Bell & Ross can compete with other top luxury watch brands. Having several best-selling watches, setting a global record, and giving top priority to a career that helps the country are all impressive achievements. There is an abundance of justification for including a Bell & Ross timepiece in your collection. We trust that you’ve learned a lot about this fantastic timepiece company from this post. See if they are true for yourself.

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