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Every year, various aspirants attempt UPSC exams driven by the Civil Service Examination of India. It is considered the most challenging exam in the country. The detailed syllabus for UPSC exams is available on the official website of the Civil Services Exam. However, aspirants must know about the essential topics of the UPSC Syllabus in Hindi for a robust preparation.

Subject Wise Critical Topics For UPSC 2022


It is said that one month is a long time in politics. So always remain in touch with the happenings of the politics in our country. Opportunities for females, tribal, and underprivileged people in politics can be asked, too, as Draupadi Murmu became president of India. It also comprises topics such as Making of the Constitution, Citizenship, Amendment to the Constitution, Emergency Provisions, Supreme Court, Union Public Service Commission, Parliament of India, and many others.


  • Indian national movement and the contribution of freedom fighters are expected to be asked from history. Questions about historical, especially UNESCO heritage sites, might get asked. Do not skip Indian schools from the Vedic period. Add Jagannath Yatra of Puri, Cesaria stupa: the largest stupa in the world, veer Savarkar, lokmanya tilak in your studies too.
  • Essential topics from modern Indian history include the Revolt of 1857, the Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India, Socio-Religious Reform Movements, Constitutional, Administrative, and Judicial Developments, Development of the Indian Press, historical Indian Movements, and many more topics.
  • Essential topics from medieval Indian history include empires in the north and south of India, religious beliefs, education, Economic and Social Life, India’s cultural development, and many subtopics.
  • Essential topics from Ancient Indian history include the Stone Age, Harappan Culture, Linguistic Background, Neolithic Age, Jainism and Buddhism, Crafts, Commerce, and Urban Growth, Rise and Growth of the Gupta Empire, Cultural Collaboration with other Asian nations, and much more.


Shares, GDP, global inflation & its impact on India are essential to study elements of the economy and our banking system. Don’t forget to review newly launched or renewed government schemes. Study Sri Lanka’s field economic module, will it affect India, and how. UPSC Syllabus 2022 aspirants can know details of the Indian Economy from BYJU’S exam prep. 


Ukraine’s Russian war is the biggest news of the decade. There are several reasons behind it. India’s robust foreign relationship with Russia makes it the most crucial topic for the UPSC exam. Study the Ukraine-Russian war, its impact on the world economy, and its social impact thoroughly. Climate change is a frequently asked question in UPSC exams. Please read about it before appearing for your exam.

Social science:

Triple talaq bill, annual budget, increase in GST percentage on products and services, and its impact on commoner must be studied. Also, don’t forget to research post covid social life, how it has affected the people, their livelihood, and the new normal in offices and industries.

Disaster management:

As the exams will be held during monsoon season, disaster management becomes necessary to study. First, prepare yourself for hypothetical situations; be read daily with the answer to how you will react in that situation. Then, explore logical solutions for it.

Environment and Ecology:

Topics from this subject are also pivotal in all three stages of UPSC exams. Essential topics from this subject include Functions of an Ecosystem, International Environmental Conventions, Climate Change Organisations, Institution and Measures, Biodiversity, Indian Biodiversity, Protected Area Network, Mitigation Strategies, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem, Agriculture, Plant and Animal Diversity of India, Schedule Animals of WPA, 1972, Environmental Pollution, Climate Change, Conservation Efforts, and many more.

Science and Technology:

Though this subject is not as crucial as others mentioned above, some fundamental science and technology topics are still asked in UPSC exams. These essential topics are Nanotechnology, Robotics, Defence, Nuclear Science, ICT and Computer, technological innovations, and many others.

Art and Culture:

This subject is unique in UPSC exams as it tests their connections with Indian arts and cultures. Topics include Indian Architecture, paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, Indian Music and dance forms, Indian literature, and more.

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