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From responding to important work emails to enjoying your favorite movies and shows, a reliable internet connection is necessary. There is no convenient time for your internet connection to fail. If you have a smart home, an internet outage could result in your security cameras and home devices failing. 

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An internet connection failure can have many causes. It can be daunting to call in a technician to fix your internet. Here are some common internet connection fails that you can troubleshoot yourself. 


Finding where the exact problem lies requires a bit of investigation. If you experience internet failure, make sure it is not just one website or platform not working. Check other websites and if they work, likely, a particular app or website is down not your connection. If your Netflix app or Instagram app has suddenly stopped working, check other apps and streaming services. If the latter works fine, there’s a good chance that your Netflix or Instagram app is down.

Hardware Incompetency

The first thing to check when your internet connection goes out is your router or modem. Mostly, the problem does not lie with your internet connection but rather the hardware that facilitates it. Now, this may sound incredibly cliché but try turning your router off and back on. You need to restart your router by turning it off waiting a few seconds or a minute and then turning it back on. 

It is better to unplug it to restart it instead of long pressing the power button. This prompts the router to ‘forget’ your previous Wi-Fi settings. You will be required to re-enter all your Wi-Fi details but this method can help your internet woes in most cases. 

If you continue to experience frequent Wi-Fi drops, it could be because your router is too old or physically damaged. In this case, get a new router that is compliant with the latest security protocols and ensures a smooth internet connection.

Environmental Factors

This may be news to you but your internet connection may be affected by bad environmental conditions. Cable internet is transferred via copper cables that are susceptible to rusting and environmental damage. 

If your area gets frequent rainstorms or hurricanes, you likely experience disrupted internet frequently. A simple fix is switching to fiber optic internet. If you have the option, opt for a fiber internet connection or hybrid internet connection. Fiber internet technology transfers data through silica or glass cables as light signals. This is why they are not as easily damaged via environmental factors such as heavy rain as other Internet connections.

Poor ISP Service 

If you are struggling with slow internet speeds, it could be because of your ISP. Internet service providers purposefully reduce bandwidth amongst consumers to ration it. This phenomenon is called throttling. Sometimes this is a tactic to reduce traffic to competitor websites if you frequent them. If you face this issue frequently, switch to another ISP. Make sure you research them well and read up on reviews.  

Wrong Internet Plan 

When you select an internet plan, make sure you consider your internet usage. Don’t just opt for an affordable internet plan instead look for one that offers value for money. With a limited plan, you would run out of data and experience slow internet speeds, as it isn’t compatible with your internet requirements. If you are a heavy internet user, avid gamer or content creator look for unlimited data packages. They may be slightly expensive but are worth it.

Hacking and Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a probable cause of internet failure. If cyber criminals hack your internet connection, they can limit internet access to devices. Make sure your router is updated with the latest security protocols and you have antivirus software installed on your devices to protect valuable information and data against cyberattacks.

In Conclusion

There are several factors contributing to internet outages. To get to the root of the problem, make sure you investigate and consider all probable causes. These could include hardware malfunction, poor ISP services, and the like. If you continue to face the same issue, reach out to your internet service provider and get professional help.

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