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According to Senion’s research, employees spend about an hour a week just searching for available rooms, workspaces, and coworkers. It should be easy for them to schedule rooms – and using the right technology can make that possible. 

You can regain productivity and reclaim your conference rooms with these tips. 

The importance of room scheduling

Unlike in the past, today’s employees rarely work in an office, but when they do, it’s typically because they need to collaborate with their co-workers. A lot of face-to-face meetings are scheduled so that they can make the most of their time. It is common for meetings and conference rooms to be reserved in advance, but this is not always the case. Instead of going back and forth over email for weeks, they might discover a coworker they’ve been meaning to meet is finally in the office. 

In another scenario, an important client just arrived impromptu and a meeting room needs to be reserved promptly. You should select the conference room that is most conducive to the work that needs to be done that day.

Managing a team may only require a quick meeting, while brainstorming with five or six members may be necessary for a creative team.

The logistics of booking conference rooms can become complex as a company grows and expands globally. A conference room scheduling solution such as can help alleviate this problem.

How room scheduling software can benefit you

Whether employees are working remotely, at home, or in another location, conference room scheduling software allows them to book rooms from anywhere. Multi-location scheduling is also possible with your conference room scheduling software. Several conferences can take place at the same time in different parts of the building or in different parts of the city. Software for scheduling conference rooms offers many advantages, including:


The best conference room booking solutions follow your employees wherever they go, since they rarely stay in one spot for long. Using a mobile app, they can find available rooms and book them.

Improve the utilization of conference rooms with these insights

Using a conference room scheduling software can help you improve space utilization, fix missing or broken assets, and maintain your conference rooms more effectively. In a typical day, a particular room may only be used about 25 percent of the time, for example, from your room booking system. You also revealed that, despite the fact that the room is designed for 12 people, the average meeting size is only four people. You can significantly increase utilization of your large conference room by dividing it into two smaller ones using partitions or working walls. 

The best way to simplify room scheduling

1. Choosing the right booking system for your meeting rooms 

In terms of booking rooms, you have plenty of options, including free room scheduling tools. However, some of these tools are not much more useful than the calendar system you have already set up at home. Reservations cannot be unattended, they can’t be connected to mobile apps, and they can’t be automated with sensors.

Make sure the meeting room booking system offers all these features as well as analytics that can be used to optimize your workspace.

2. A mobile app and digital displays can be used to schedule rooms

A room booking scheduling display can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your room booking process if you’re trying to streamline your process. When you use iOFFICE to book your rooms, you will be able to turn any iPad into a digital display with just a few clicks. 

Simply by glancing at the screen, employees are able to find out if a room is available and if so, when it becomes available. A reservation can be made, an extension can be requested, or a cancellation can be made from the display. In addition to displaying important information about the room, you can also use the panels to display equipment and capacity information. In this way, employees can select the right room for their needs.

3. Automation of conference room bookings and cancellations using sensors

The use of digital displays or mobile apps to schedule conference rooms can help reduce conflicts between employees. The occupancy sensors can also be used to detect activity in rooms and relay that information to your room booking system if you want to go the extra mile.

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