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Marketing professionals should place getting more views on YouTube near (or perhaps at) the top of their priority list as video content becomes more popular. Before you respond, you will hear me say that the light does not come from YouTube views. Investing time or resources in a channel that does not generate an immediate return on investment is not uncommon. 

Despite my empathy for them, I am unable to help them. Top-of-funnel prospects are essential for consistently hitting your targets over time. It is important that you create content that builds brand awareness and affinity for your company. You can upload this type of content to YouTube without a problem. Considering the COVID-19 crisis, targeting top-of-funnel prospects makes sense.

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Following these tips will help you increase your YouTube views:

1. Content should be of high quality

If I had to choose a primary tip, this would be it. It is possible to unethically and dishonestly increase your YouTube views even if you do not look hard enough-and you do not have to look hard at all. Although I know you wouldn’t consider stooping to such an extent, I want to make sure we’re on the same page at the outset.

In my opinion, you should develop videos that people will enjoy watching, and that they will watch from beginning to end, so that they will become part of your brand. All of our decisions are driven by value. If you don’t want to provide value to your audience, content marketing isn’t for you. It works, plain and simple. 

YouTube is essentially a search engine, just like its parent company Google. Search engines are supposed to do exactly that, aren’t they? Users should have access to the best content. Due to this, Google consistently encourages SEOs to provide value to visitors. This requirement is met by YouTube.

In order to succeed, you need to prospect. Discover what is preventing them from sleeping. You can use those metrics to inform your YouTube videos (and these underrated ones as well). There are hacks and tricks for everything else.

2. Video series are preferable to individual videos

In playlists with embedded videos, when you view one video, the next in the playlist starts automatically after you finish watching the current video. Viewers can therefore watch several videos related to one another without lifting a finger. It’s natural for YouTube to be happy when its ad revenue increases. Nevertheless, it will increase video views and engagement, which will also be satisfying.

Get a better understanding of YouTube SEO

The purpose of YouTube is to serve as a search engine, just as I mentioned. A few ranking factors determine how YouTube’s search results are sorted, just like other search engines. To get more views on YouTube, you need to understand YouTube SEO, which is one of the most important ranking signals, as well as how to appeal to them.

In order to find keywords, the first step is to do some research. The target keyword plays a vital role in optimizing a website. You can begin typing your topics one by one into the YouTube search bar after you’ve decided which topics you’d like to research (think series!). YouTube’s search suggestions are probably familiar to you if you’ve ever used it. Real YouTube users have searched all of these topics repeatedly. They’re all great keywords, so you can use them all!

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