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When you’re looking for a barcode maker online, where should you start? You don’t have to do the research yourself, we’ve already done it!

Online barcode makers can be found in a variety of places, but only a few are worth your time and attention. You should keep in mind some specific features when considering custom barcodes, depending on the needs of your business. In light of this, it may be worth your time to investigate which barcode maker is best for you. 

Is it necessary to generate a barcode at the same time or several barcodes? Does it make sense to generate barcodes in more than one row? Are you looking for a better way to control your inventory? Asset tracking is important, but what about it? Is there a simple way to download the barcodes once you’re finished?

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin. Choosing the right online barcode maker can be challenging. Here’s what you need to know!

Free Barcode Generator

There is an extensive list of barcode templates offered by free-barcode-generator.org that is easy to use and offers a simple interface. Using this tool will help you determine which type of barcode to use. This application only has one downside: with their barcode software, you can only create one at a time. 

You can download barcodes in a variety of formats and create custom labels with Barcode-Generator.org. In addition to JPG and EPS, you can also download them as SVG files. Unlike JPEGs, SVG files are completely scalable, giving you more flexibility.

The last thing anyone wants is a barcode that cannot be read.

TEC-IT Online 

You must provide your own set of numbers to be turned into barcodes by many of the barcode makers out there. It is easy to remove that headache with TEC-IT Barcode software. The tool allows you to generate multiple barcodes separated by prefixes and suffixes that you determine. 

In comparison to other barcode makers, Barcode TEC-IT offers the convenience of generating and downloading all the barcodes you require at the same time. You can download each barcode you created from the site in a .zip file. I can see how that would save you time. 

Even though the page looks a bit distressed, it’s functionality and barcode software that matter most. The tool requires almost no setup, so you just need to plug in the right information and let it take care of the rest. Your morning schedule won’t be cleared, but you’ll save tons of time. 

Generate barcodes online for free with Morovia

The ability to alter a barcode’s dimensions makes Monrovia stand out. In addition to making one-dimensional or two-dimensional barcodes, you can make them wider or taller to make scanning easier. Barcodes created with this barcode maker can also include text if you think it is important or necessary.

The simplicity of the barcode maker might be below the standard compared to others. You will still be able to get a lot done if you download them in batches, but it may take even longer if you require thousands of barcodes. 

Great Barcode Generator

There are a number of tools available for creating barcodes with this free barcode maker. It’s compatible with various barcode printers and barcode labels, and it has a wide range of barcode templates. A great solution for inventory labels, for example, is this flexible barcode solution. 

Don’t let its interface fool you; it doesn’t run on Windows 99. For barcode graphics, you get everything you need in terms of compatibility and customization. Even Microsoft Office and Excel data and values can be imported and exported using the barcode maker.


Consider what’s most important to your business before you choose the best free barcode maker. If all you want is something simple and easy, then there are many options available when it comes to barcode technologies.

All barcode makers are intuitive, but each offers something unique. With these four free barcode makers, you can create exactly what you need, regardless of your skill level.  

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