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SuperMicro is a company that makes server and rack-mountable computers and motherboards. They have an international presence with manufacturing facilities across the world. These companies have been top-rated since the release of their first motherboard in 1998, which became customer favorites due to its high quality and durability. SuperMicro is a leader in the server market and has become one of the top five most prominent manufacturers in this field. 

1. High-performance computing server

Supermicro offers its customers the ability to create various high-performance computing solutions with their rack-mountable servers. They use multiple processor architectures and have added the ability to run up to sixteen processors in one single chassis. They also have a variety of server clusters that supply combinations of Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Infiniband technologies, along with various processor platforms. Customers can benefit from this high-speed data transfer technology as they design systems that can quickly process large amounts of data. 

2. Data Center Server

Supermicro has several other server platforms designed to be their data center’s cornerstones. They have several model options that can be configured to handle high-performance networking, storage, and CPU processing. By using Supermicro, customers can achieve maximum uptime and reliability when operating in large-scale environments. They also make it possible for companies to be quickly brought into the 21st century by allowing them to implement new technology without investing in new server hardware. 

3. Rackmount automation

Supermicro products are known for delivering superior quality products with minimal downtime. The rack-mountable chassis is an excellent solution for power users who need a cost-effective way to implement automation. Customers can easily add new components to their automation systems without having to replace the hardware. These products can be used for many different applications and are often used by those who want a small-scale solution that is highly customizable. 

4. Dual Processor Rackmount Chassis

With their dual processor rackmount chassis, Supermicro can provide their customers with a solution that will meet all of their needs. They have several different models in a 4U package that offer support for two server boards. Each server can be configured to handle various high-performance applications and scaled up to fit the customer’s needs. This also allows the customer to save on power by combining multiple servers into one system. On most systems, the customer’s computer boards are designed for standard motherboards, which allow them to easily swap out new boards for old ones as they update their system. 

5. HGX server cluster

Supermicro has designed several high-performance x86 systems for large-scale datacenters. They offer a range of server clusters designed for use in the cloud and other HPC applications. These systems have been built by SuperMicro and can be configured to meet custom requirements. 

6. Rack Server

With the ability to provide rack-mountable server solutions, Supermicro can provide a standard product that can be purchased and offered at a competitive price. They have several different versions designed to meet industry standards while still being affordable. 

7. Fully customizable servers

Supermicro has several different product options that allow customers to create their customized servers depending on the needs of their environment. They offer many other rackmount options, including dual and quad processor configurations. Versions of the Supermicro server can be configured with either single or double processors, eight storage devices, and ten network cards in a 4U chassis.

SuperMicro provides customers worldwide with the ability to design high-performing servers and computer systems. They focus on service and can provide their customers with support that is second to none. With several options available, they can offer opportunities to their customers at every level of complexity. 

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