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Google Pixel Slate M3

The Google Pixel Slate M3 is a hybrid laptop and tablet with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a detachable keyboard case. It comes with a 45-Watt charger and offers two hours of battery life after 15 minutes of charging. Battery life is not as impressive as it should be, but it’s better than average for a hybrid. However, you should be prepared to be disappointed if the battery life is not long enough.

8GB of RAM

A good tablet for the price is always a good idea, and the Google Pixel Slate has that. Its full HD AMOLED display features wide color gamut, HDR10 support, and a 90Hz refresh rate. It is also backed by an 8GB of RAM, and you can expand its memory up to 256GB via microSD card. The Pixel Slate is available in two different colors: white and black.

With an upgraded processor and software, the Pixel Slate m3 offers impressive performance. For everyday use, it works fine for most tasks. If you want to do more complex things, you’ll need a model with higher specs. That said, the price of the m3 variant is more reasonable and you can still use it to complete tasks in the office or at home. You can also buy the m3 model, which has eight GB of RAM, as a cheaper alternative.

8th-gen Intel Core i5-8200Y processor

There are several reasons to upgrade your CPU, and an 8th-gen Intel Core i5-820Y is one of them. This chip is better than its predecessor, the 7th-gen Intel Core i5 chip. But, even if it is old, it does not show its age when running Chrome OS, and you can expect to get a good amount of performance from this chip. Aside from this, it has better battery life and an improved display.

An 8th-gen Intel Core i5-820Y processor is one of the top features of the new Pixel Slate, and it’s the ideal choice for gamers and power users alike. This chip boasts up to five-watt TDP and features two CPU cores and a dedicated graphics adapter. It is expected to be the best option for a gaming laptop, but it is still an excellent choice for a tablet that doesn’t require a high-end computer.

Docking capability

While a number of 2-in-1 tablets on the market feature docking capabilities, the Google Pixel slate m3 lacks these. Instead of being able to dock its tablet with a desktop, it requires you to plug in a USB-C hard drive. Unfortunately, the Pixel Slate does not support dual displays, so users will need to use their PC to view and edit content. Fortunately, Google has addressed this issue in the next update.

The docking feature allows users to connect the tablet to a keyboard or mouse to use it as a desktop. The docking button is located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Docking keyboard will switch the tablet to desktop mode, which is similar to using any other Chromebook. All of your applications will move to the app launcher, and the on-screen multitasking button will be replaced by the physical multitasking button on the keyboard. Split-screen multitasking is available in both modes.

Sound quality

The Google Pixel Slate M3 is the first tablet running Chrome OS from Google. It is meant to compete with the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Despite its modest price and bezel-less design, the tablet packs impressive specs. It has an OLED screen and four speakers tuned by AKG. The battery life on this tablet is decent. The sound quality is decent but not outstanding. Overall, this tablet offers a respectable experience for the price.

The screen on the Google Pixel Slate M3 is 2.5D with rounded edges. It is also very sharp with 293 ppi. The screen has an ecosystem of compatible accessories. Although there is no headphone jack, the sound quality is good. The Google Pixel Slate M3 is perfect for music and movies, and is great for working on the road. You won’t miss a beat with this tablet.


The price of the Google Pixel Slate M3 depends on the model, RAM, and storage you choose. The base model costs $599 while the top-end model has an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. Prices vary according to region. In India, the entry-level model is priced at PS499 and the top-end model is priced at $999. This device is great for both work and play, but heavy computing is not recommended.

Final Words:

There are five configurations, each with varying amounts of storage and RAM. The most expensive version has an Intel Core i5 y-series processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. While the device doesn’t support expandable storage, the battery life is impressive. There is also no cellular data plan included with the device, so you should be happy with this feature alone. The Pixel Slate is a great laptop replacement, but only if you don’t plan to use it all the time.

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