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Driving Schools in Putney

A reputable driving school is necessary for you to learn how to drive safely before you can engage in any driving. 

While you may practise driving with a parent, cousin, or friend. But hiring a skilled expert to teach you has several advantages such as better safety, maintaining up to speed on laws and regulations, preparing for the actual exam, and many more.  

You can look at the high-profile driving schools listed below to book driving lessons with a certified instructor especially located in Putney.  

List of Best Driving Schools in Putney


LOCATION: Raynes Park, London    

OJ Driving School offers amazing inexpensive driving lessons in the Putney area. You will be able to drive anywhere in the world if you learn with all of their skilled and DVSA-approved professional driving instructors.   

All their driver’s education is conducted in a supportive, laid-back atmosphere with the primary goal of helping you build the greatest and safest driving techniques and routines for the rest of your time in 4-wheel drive.  

Comprehensive Driving Courses:  
  • Advanced Driving Lessons – For those who wish to advance their levels of driving ability.  
  • Automatic Driving Lessons – For motorists who desire to reduce their time in an automated car.  
  • Intensive Driving Lessons – For students who require a quick-start learning programme.  
  • Driving Lessons Academy – For those who wish to transfer their knowledge to the highway.  
  • Refresher Driving Lessons – For people who haven’t driven a car in a while.  


LOCATION: Raynes Park, London   

Driving schools in Putney provide excellent driving instruction and training. They offer a wide variety of driving instructions. Each session is created to assist you in achieving your driving objectives as quickly as possible. They prepare you for safe driving, which you will find during your driving exam.  

Comprehensive Driving Courses:  
  • Advanced Driving Courses – For individuals who wish to elevate their driving skills to the next level.  
  • Automatic Driving Lessons – For people who require a driving licence right away but cannot use a clutch and gears efficiently enough to pass their test in a manual automobile.  
  • Beginner Driving Lessons – For Beginner drivers.  
  • Intensive Driving Courses – For people who have a sudden learning demand related to a job change or a move.  


LOCATION: Raynes Park, London   

Thames Driving School has long been a favourite among college and university students in and around Putney. They take great pride in offering their driving student course discounts and lower-cost sessions.  

Comprehensive Driving Courses:  
  • Beginner Lessons – For those students who have minimal driving experience.  
  • Intensive Courses – For those drivers who need to pass their driving test in the shortest and quickest possible time.  
  • Refresher Lessons – For people who haven’t driven recently.  


LOCATION: Raynes Park, London   

London Driving Schools in Putney SW15 branch is an excellent venue for people of Putney and Roehampton to learn to drive safely. They have excellent driving instructors that have undergone thorough training in Putney. They can offer cars for training that are both automated and manual.  

Comprehensive Driving Courses:  

  • Refresher Driving Courses – For anyone who desires to improve their driving abilities.  
  • Advanced Driving Courses – For experienced drivers who wish to advance their driving abilities and skills.  
  • Automatic Driving Lessons – For drivers who can’t operate a manual transmission, clutch, and gears well enough to pass their driving test and obtain a licence.  
  • Motorway Driving Courses – For people who have previously passed their driving test and wish to increase their level of assurance and experience when driving on the highway.  


LOCATION: Raynes Park, London   

Generally, their whole staff of DSA-approved driving instructors has years of expertise. They are well knowledgeable about every local driving test location in London and the neighbouring areas.  

Comprehensive Driving Courses:  
  • Intensive Driving Courses – For people who want to finish learning to drive in a week.  
  • Pass Plus Driving Courses – For those who wish to motorway driving in a cheap range.  
  • Refreshers Driving Courses – For those who are scared of first-time driving.  
  • Automatic Driving Courses – For those who want to drive more manageable and quicker.   

You have a variety of choices on how to get your driver’s licence. You can enrol in a class suggested by a friend or relative, take the test, and then receive your licence. The process of selecting a driving school is not simple. But with a little investigation, you can choose one that will give you the most value for your money while guaranteeing you become a safe and capable driver.  

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