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Andrea J. Boon

Andrea J. Boon, M.D., is doing research on how ultrasound can be used to improve electrodiagnostic testing and noninvasively diagnose neuromuscular disease.

Andrea J. Boon is also interested in how botulinum toxin, which has the potential to relieve pain, could be used to treat painful musculoskeletal conditions.

How was Andrea J. Boon’s Education Life?

1. Fellow in the EMG Department of Neurology.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

2. Head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

3. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Resident.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center Internship.

Pre-Med Victoria University College.

Do You Know About Main Points of Andrea J. Boon?

Botulinum toxin’s role in treating pain, like osteoarthritis, lateral epicondylitis, and myofascial pain. Use of diagnostic ultrasound as a part of electrophysiology testing, including the creation of techniques for ultrasound-guided nerve conduction studies. Relative risk of bleeding with needle electromyography (EMG) in people taking blood thinners. The findings of electrophysiology in critical illness myopathy. How sensitive and how specific nerve conduction testing machines are

What is the Main Advantage of Ultrasound?

If ultrasound can be used to reliably identify and track nerve and muscle disorders like myopathy, motor neuron disease, and carpal tunnel syndrome, it could be used to screen patients (especially children) for these diseases in a simple, inexpensive, and painless way. It could also be used to measure how well different treatments work for these disorders.

How Do You Know Andrea J. Boon’s Professional Details?

The Most Important Job

Consultant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department.

Joint Appointment

Consultant at the Neurology Department.

Academic Rank

Physical medicine and rehabilitation professor and Neurology Professor.

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Do You Know About Andrea J. Boon’s Publications?

Using Ultrasound to Check How Well Someone is Breathing:

Electromyography is often asked to look at patients with dyspnea or trouble breathing to make sure there isn’t a neuromuscular cause for those symptoms. Tests like pulmonary function tests, transdiaphragmatic pressure testing, different imaging modalities, phrenic nerve conduction studies, and diaphragm electromyography can be used to diagnose these patients. Both phrenic nerve conduction studies and diaphragm electromyography are hard to do technically and can give both false positive and false negative results. 

Integration of diagnostic ultrasound can improve the accuracy and safety of diaphragm electromyography and make phrenic nerve conduction studies more sensitive and accurate. Also, brightness-mode ultrasound imaging of the diaphragm can measure muscle thickness and how well it contracts. In this situation, it is a very sensitive and specific diagnostic test. This article will talk about how electromyography works with people who have breathing problems, with a focus on neuromuscular ultrasound.

What Questions People Usually Ask about Andrea J. Boon?

Does Dr. Andrea Boon, MD, Provide Services Through Telehealth?

Dr. Boon said that telehealth is something they do. Get in touch with the office to see if you qualify for the help you need.

Are New Patients Welcome to See Dr. Andrea Boon, MD?

In general, Dr. Andrea Boon, MD, takes on new patients. You can make an appointment with Dr. Boon by looking at his profile.

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