Mind-Body Connection in Student Life

Ways to Manage Emotions and Mind-Body Connection in Student Life

Emotions are feelings that mean how we feel in particular situations. There are many ways we can estimate the emotions and feelings of others. Students usually can be found tangled in various confusions related to their academic life but sometimes they get tangled in emotional dilemmas too. Like if a student likes studying and learning a lot but his economic conditions are compelling him to leave studies and work to earn, now the student gets tangled in an emotional dilemma because one emotion is love for studies and other emotion is responsibility towards family. In such a situation students can make decisions by making any one emotion priority, just like ERP which makes its own decisions regarding school management & that is why ERP is one of the best tools of modern learning. Whereas sometimes when we think broadly, we find a way to save this emotional clash like in above example, a student can save himself by opting online learning where he can work also and learn also. 

There are many ways to control and manage emotions and there is nothing special to be done in order to control emotions. Exercise if done regularly releases adrenaline and dopamine in the body which creates a sense of reward and satisfaction and keeps emotional flow balanced in the mind and heart and pumps the blood in more proper ways. Hence exercise prevents the situation of emotional imbalance by maintaining body fluids. Sometimes emotions help to control emotions such as being kind to others is also a feeling, an emotion which makes a student who is full of stress can be fear of failing in the exam or criticism from peers and parents but the one who is suffering from such situation shows a little kindness to others then it brings satisfaction to the mind and makes him or her relax. One should be open minded. Like students should accept how they are and should not burden his mind in excess. When students accept whatever is happening around them then they achieve peace of mind and start to learn peacefully. Students should not pile up the emotions in their mind, instead, sit with peers and dear ones and share what and how you feel about things. Discuss about your feelings and vent out if something has piled up in the mind. For example, if the tutor asks about ERP full form and student is not able to answer, the tutor should help him/her instead of insulting and should clear details about ERP full form.

Being stressed due to a hectic study schedule students should go outside and stroll for some time and enjoy the fresh air. enjoy the lap of mother nature, greenery, chirping of birds because it helps to calm the emotions. Be full of gratitude for the people who are always there for you and thank them from the bottom of your heart and remember them for what they did for you. Gratitude makes you full of respect and pride. It is up to us only to make an equilibrium between both of these important parts of our personality. Humans know everything about it but usually don’t understand. Otherwise humans don’t act without thinking sometimes and even ignore the signs and symptoms of the body which gives you a chance to get well soon. The same way students also don’t get the meaning of signs which mind and body give them. 

Usually, humans can’t understand and feel this body-mind connection until and unless he or she uses meditation or yoga for activating this feeling and immediately grabs this relation. A watering mouth after seeing pizza, nervousness before exams, shivering in the body before facing the mob as an actor, or fear of being rejected before any interview are the best examples of the mind-body connection. There is a fact which has been told by medical science for a long time which says our body reacts to how we think. Students who don’t believe in themselves they attain less marks even after having all resources of getting good marks and this mental pressure brings insomnia, headache, weight 

Seeing the evidence of mind-body connection students can keep this connection healthy by taking a sleep of 6-8 hours of sound sleep to relax body. It depends on our will power that we can make yourself sick and we can make yourself well. Students get very good example of this mind-body connection in pandemic Covid-19, when they had to go through a lot still, they continued their studies and completed their qualification. On the basis of above facts, it should be essentially checked by tutors and parents that students and kids are doing well on account of their emotional well-being.

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