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New Union Council Divorce Certificate Fees:

If you wish to know new union council divorce certificate fees or need death certificate Nadra, you may contact us. Legally, it is the surrender of the right of a husband over wife in exchange to exchange. It is the word Khula also known as redemption translates to “to lay”. In the law on new union council divorce certificate fees which is around Rs50000 to Rs100000 including lawyers’ fees or need death certificate Nadra, it refers to that a husband has laid down of his rights and authority over his wife”[18 Khula is a word that literally means “to take off clothes”. Khula literally is “to remove clothing” and, consequently put the foundation of one’s authority over his wife.[19In the law, it’s laid down by a husband of his authority and right over his wife in exchange for an exchange”.[20[20]


Khula is a reference to an arrangement that has been which is entered into with the intention of dissolving a connection known to the spouse as compensation to be paid by the spouse to her husband from her own property. Khula is, in essence, an option for divorce that is bought through the spouse from their husband after new union council divorce certificate fees or need death certificate Nadra.[21 In Pakistan the word Khula can also be pronounced in various forms, such as Khoola or Khula or even Khola. Khula literally is “to remove clothes and then to confer authority on the wife”.

Pre Islamic Laws:

[22In the beginning there was no Khula in Pre-Islamic laws; however, later on it was added to Muslim Law. Under Khula the husband and wife are both required to be the husband and wife must be in good health and have reached puberty. In accordance with the Hanafi law the guardian of the minor wife is able to join the Khula on her behalf, however, the guardian of the husband of a minor cannot join the Khula on behalf of him. 

Death Certificate Nadra:

The khula after new union council divorce certificate fees or need death certificate Nadra can be signed by any person via an official that will perform the transaction within the limits of their authority.  Under Shia law it is required that the Arabic language is required when entering into the khula and the presence at least two persons witnessing the transaction is mandatory. The consent to khula can be either unconditional or conditional in Sunni law, but in the case of Shia law on new union council divorce certificate fees or need death certificate Nadra, a khula that is conditional is not recognized.

Consent of Khula:

[23After the husband has given his consent to khula it will dissolve as per Talaq-ul Bian. In the situation of a conditional Khula according to Sunni laws, Khula comes into effect only after being able to fulfill the conditions. After the khula is in effect, the rights of spouses are removed, with the exception of the rights of the wife in respect of maintenance during the duration of Iddat as well as the right to reside in the husband”s home until it is explicitly agreed to. If the wife has not reached an age that allows her to exercise discretion, and Khula is taken by the father, she can be entitled to dower since “father as guardian does not have any power over the dower”.[24A specific procedure is required. 

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