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Window Blinds Common Problems That You Can Fix Very Easily

Window Blinds in your home are the most useable items on daily basis.

You have to roll them up completely or partially every morning to let the sunlight enter your home.

Moreover, on colder and hotter days you can adjust these blinds according to your need.

Because these window blinds are very intelligent in blocking and trapping the heat inside your home.

So, it is not uncommon for those people to face common problems who use these blinds daily in their homes.

Sometimes these problems are very common and only a little knowledge about them is required to solve that problem.

Mostly these blinds require very less maintenance because all window blinds are durable.

But if you ever face any problem related to them never rip them off from the wall in anger.

Try some easy hacks to fix at your home without anyone’s help.

In this context, we will see those easy hacks to fix common problems that window blinds face.

So, let’s take a look at those expert treatments for your window blinds.

Window Blinds Not Lower Down:

If you ever face trouble in lowering your window blinds to completely cover your windows.

This common issue is mostly caused by the cord lock that is placed in the headrail of the blinds.

The first solution for these blinds is that you have to pull the blinds all the way up.

When these blinds reached your desired position then pull the cord to one side and immediately on the other side.

This will unlock the mechanism and your blinds will be free to use according to your desire.

If this does not work, then you have to remove the blinds from the headrail to take a closer look.

Unscrew all the relevant screws and lay those blinds on a table.

You will see a mechanism there on which notice the cords are passed in a uniform manner.

Any twist in that uniform manner is the cause of that problem.

You see a teethed roller in that mechanism that runs along with a track of that cord.

Sometimes that roller is stuck in its position and a gentle push that roller force it to leave the place.

After that gentle push, the roller is free and your blind is ok to use.

Screw the blind again and hang it on the wall and see whether the blinds lower easily or not.

Slats Don’t Rotate Properly:

Another common problem that you face is if you have vertical blinds or Venetian blinds in the windows of your home.

Most of the customers complain about the issue that the slats of these blinds are not properly rotating.

This problem occurs due to the dirt that is clogged in the mechanism of the blinds.

This is the first thing that you check and if you find any dirt in the mechanism.

Then you have to use a microfiber cloth or a duster to remove the dirt that is built up there.

After cleaning the dirt if you still face that problem then you should use a lubricant to lubricate the mechanism.

After using the lubricant rotate the blinds several times to spread the lubricant properly in the mechanism

Then your problem will be solved properly.

One Slat is Broken:

Another problem with blinds that contain slats is the tearing of the slats due to excess usage.

Most people think if they a slat is broken from the blinds, they prefer to change the whole blind.

But with technology, you don’t have to spend your money on new blinds.

Instead of that, you can use the slat replacement service that every service provider offers you.

This service is very beneficial as a cost-effective, and very quick way to make your blinds new once again.

These slats are manufactured the same as the whole blinds are but they are manufactured separately.

To change that broken slat simply remove it from the rail and dispose of it.

Then attach the new slat to that place and enjoy the new blind with minimal effort.

Blinds Unevenly Hanged:

If you notice that your window blinds don’t hang straight then this will cause another problem.

This become is usually occurs due to the congested cord in the mechanism of the blinds.

That congested cord pulls one side of the blinds always up and never leaves it down.

That is why your window blinds seem unevenly hung.

To solve that problem check the cord of the blinds, if it is twisted or congested.

If you found the cord in the twisted mode you have to untie that cord and your blinds become flat.

If you can do this while the blinds are hanging on the wall then it is best for you.

If you don’t then take off the blinds and lay them on a flat surface to do so.

The Connecting Chain is Broken:

The chain that is used to connect the vertical blinds from the bottom if that chain is broken.

Then it is another problem for the owner because that chain is used to hold the blinds to move in a particular manner.

Due to the broken chain vertical blinds will not work properly and create a bad effect on the windows.

Some styles of these blinds are manufactured in such a way that broken chains can easily connect back.

Those blinds use the ball and cup design which is very easy to operate.

But if your blind doesn’t have this feature then you have to change the entire chain.

For that purpose, you have to contact the manufacturer or the supplier who can provide that chain.

In this way, you can repair your broken blinds at home very easily.

If you are not able to do any of the above-mentioned processes at home.

Then you should contact the expert near you to make your window blinds new as you buy them.

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