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Top 10 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas

It’s now 2022, and digital marketing has become more important than ever. Take steps to develop, streamline and optimize your strategy by checking out our list of digital marketing ideas to help you accelerate your business.

1.Charts and Graphs

Less cool relatives’ infographic, one-piece charts, and tables still have their place as impressive pieces of visual content. They may not be as impressive as infographics, but they take significantly less time and effort to create and are still shareable, so don’t be afraid to use them liberally. Visual learners will find a graph much easier to interpret than a piece of text and numbers.

2. Publish on Offer Pages

People love free stuff, some more than others. People who love a lot tend to frequent sites and forums with an offer. There is usually a betting/competition forum section where you can add your competition. A top digital marketing company in Karachi says there are contests where 90% of the traffic comes from these sites – okay, they’re not always the most qualified leads, but if you want quantity over quality, it’s a smart strategy. Start submitting to Slickdeals and go from there.

3. Run Lookalike Ads Based on Your Social Media Audience

If you want to reach new people on Facebook, try taming the Facebook Lookalike Audience. The Lookalike Audience initiative is a way for your ads to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your product or service because they have similar characteristics to your existing customers. With the Lookalike social network, you can build brand loyalty, increase revenue and reach new customers. Facebook uses the following sources to build your audience: engagement, app activity, offline activity, customer base, and website traffic. With this data in mind, Facebook examines the similarities between your audiences. The idea is that your business is likely to attract an audience with similar traits to those who already follow your brand.

4. Optimize your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a great tool to help businesses manage their online presence on the search engine. It provides a list of nearby businesses and the information you need to find a specific business, including reviews, category, business address, and hours. What does this mean for your business? Simply put, you will attract more customers. Please note that Google changes its algorithms regularly, so you must always optimize your Google My Business listing to stay relevant.

5. Unusual Sponsorship Gifts

Living in a city brings unique marketing opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else. Their secret is that you must think creatively to take advantage of these opportunities.

6. Video Competition

Video contests don’t get as many people, but you’re more likely to get better quality content because it takes more effort on the user’s part to create a video. This kind of content can be extremely valuable to businesses down the road, especially when you have talented filmmakers creating video content just for you!

7. E-books

EBooks are a great way to strengthen your brand and reach a wide audience. They are digital, so people can download hundreds of e-books to their devices and read them anywhere. E-books are also versatile, and you can offer them in different formats. They can be downloadable gifts for potential customers and generate more leads, or you can sell them to gradually increase your income. A downloadable e-book feels like a personal item of value you give to the customer and can add professionalism to your business. You can get inspiration from Hub spot’s free eBooks if you don’t know how to create eBooks.

8. Reach Out to Local Media

Almost every city has a local newspaper or online media, and you’d be surprised how influential they are! While creating content for your website and social media, don’t forget to contact local media. You can engage with current materials about local businesses in your city or even comment on the news – from the perspective of a local business owner. In addition, your comment and view will make you an active community member, attracting more attention to your business.

9. Immerse Yourself in Event Marketing

Speaking of community, if your business allows it, host an event for the locals. Given the connected world we live in now, it can even be an online event if you don’t make it a goal to bring customers to your brick-and-mortar store. The best option is to organize an event with a cause that everyone feels connected to – maybe there is a problem in your community that needs more attention and funding to solve. You could organize a charity event to raise awareness of the problem. You can promote the event in local Facebook groups or run ads on social media. Try to interact with new people and make connections during the event. This will make people feel welcome and be tempted to come again. You can even organize a series of events or regular meetings to achieve a long-term marketing effect.

10. Join and Engage With Local Facebook Groups

By joining a Facebook group in your district, you can kill two birds with one stone: you can learn more about your clients and promote your business simultaneously. The ultimate rule of thumb for promoting in Facebook groups is not to be too a sailing point. You don’t want to post your discounts and new offers every other day. Even if this kind of spam is tolerated in the group, people are unlikely to be interested in your business. What you could do is start conversations that would allow you to grow your business organically. You can sneakily do this from your account or in a more genuine way without hiding that you are a local business owner. A great way to do this is to try to give value to people. For example, you are a bookstore owner, and you want more locals to know about your bookstore. You can ask people in the group if they would be interested in participating in a book club and what books they would like to read.

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