The Mystery Is Solved! Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are nothing more than a mystery. Since the invention and evolution of cardboard, it has change the thinking of the people. It had made their lives easier. They have quickly replaced other packaging materials. Custom boxes made up of cardboard have made their way in various sectors.

A product’s packaging seems incomplete without them. Everything we purchase comes in custom cardboard boxes. They have become necessary for shipping. Even you can easily stack them one above the other and store for later use. They can be customized in a number of ways depending upon the customer’s preferences.

Important Features

No one can ignore the benefits of using custom boxes. The reason for its worldwide acceptance is the extraordinary features. The custom boxes designed from cardboard are highly durable. They have great strength to keep the products safe from any external damage, pressure, and jerks.

They provide ultimate protection to them, ensuring a safe delivery of your product at your doorstep. The issues like breakage and mishandling can be avoided by using them. Moreover, custom cardboard boxes from naturally occurring substance i.e. wood pulp from trees. Therefore they are extremely cost-effective. Purchasing them in bulk allow you to save more on cost.

They are lightweight and shipped flat. This reduces dimensional weight shipping charges. Now a day, cardboard is most frequently used to make custom printed boxes for a variety of food products. It acts as a moisture-resistant and helps to increase their shelf life. It protects the items from humidity, sunlight and other atmospheric effects.

Types of West bay Packaging

Cardboard can be converted to a number of materials depending upon the consumer requirement. Other forms of it include Kraft paper, fiberboard and corrugated cardboard. The custom packaging boxes made up of Kraft paper and fiberboard are thin and more lightweight.

They are used to pack a number of household and food items like cereals, soap, and beverages etc. Cardboard is slightly stronger that Kraft paper. It is considered perfect for shipping.

Corrugated cardboard is the most durable one. It is used to transport heavy items like machinery. It consists of a straight layer of cardboard sandwiched in between two fluted cardboard sheets. Corrugated packaging can be converted to double and triple walled giving more strength to it.

Cardboard Boxes Meet Business Needs

The ease of customization of cardboard has taken it a step further. The mystery lies in the fact that it is a perfect packaging partner. Due to this, cardboard packaging is consider ideal to meet business needs. A number of business entrepreneurs have inclined towards its use.

Cardboard can undergo printing and other customization options easily. It can be readily converted to custom boxes of any shape, size, and style according to customer’s requirement. By using advanced printing techniques, various designs and patterns can be printed on the box to make them appealing for the customers.

Cardboard boxes can be used as product boxes, shipping boxes, gift boxes and for the subscription. Such features make it highly suitable for different types of business.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

Cardboard is a highly sustainable material. The custom boxes made up of cardboard are easy to reuse, dispose and recycle. According to research, near about 70% of custom packaging boxes are made from recycled paper and cardboard. This reduces the resources and energy.

Moreover, it also minimize the amount of landfill each year. It reduces carbon footprints on the environment ensuring a more healthy living. Using eco-friendly boxes for product’s packaging reflects a positive image of your brand on the customers. As it shows that your brand is paying focus on maintaining environmental sustainability.