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Window blinds are top trending now. They are more than just a window covering. Their functionality makes them more than just a window covering. Window blinds are mostly hard but some types are soft also.

People prefer window blinds that are hard, made of top-notch hard materials like wood and metal, and some kind of high-end synthetic materials like PVC and vinyl as top mentions. Here we are focusing on one of the top hard window blinds names faux wood blinds.

In window blinds, there are standardly two types of wood. One is real and the second is synthetic. Faux wood is synthetically made from synthetic materials like PVC as their standard material alongside vinyl and polyester.

Faux wood is made in such a sense that it can mimic real wood. That’s why faux wood blinds are quite similar in looks to wooden blinds. Here is the catch even though they look the same at a certain level but there is no way faux wood blinds catch the richness and class of wood blinds.

We are giving are top reasons why faux wood blinds are worth your money and why you consider them as your primary window blinds option.

Reason 1: Best alternative of real

The only window blind that looks similar to the luxurious wood blind is a faux wood blind. They look the same enough that anyone can get confused about them. From design to functionality, the same in both. But a sharp eye can easily spot the differences.

Faux wood blinds are in no way near the quality of wood blinds. Wood blinds are one of the supreme window blinds options. That’s why they are one of the most expensive ones, quite logical. So, if you are having a tight budget then faux wood blinds are the best alternative.

Like wood blinds, faux wood blinds are also ideal for bedrooms and living rooms where is a need for high-end window coverings.

Reason 2: Durability

Wood blinds are also well known for their durability. But in places where is a high level of moisture and humidity they lack, providing a worse user experience. The fact here is that water can cause serious damage to real wood.

Real wood can absorb water and this can cause the wood to expand and lose its looks and shape. This is where faux wood outclasses real wood. Water is not a damaging factor for faux wood because it doesn’t absorb it.

Here faux wood blinds have an edge over wood blinds in terms of durability. Wood blinds are not ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and likewise places. Faux wood blinds can be ideal there, providing the same looks and functionality as wood blinds.

Reason 3: Easy To Clean

For faux wood water is not a damaging factor as said already they are 100% waterproof. This ends as faux wood blinds are effortlessly easy to clean. Way easier than that wood blinds. this is not wrong to say that they are one of the easier-to-clean window coverings in the markets.

You can use a wet cloth and start cleaning it from right to left but don’t rub too harshly as it can cause fading. Also, you can use detergents on it. But still, keep in mind that bad detergents can cause fading.

For more intense cleaning, uninstall the blinds and there you can clean them mindfully and more efficiently.

Reason 4: Cheaper

This is by far the top reason why you should care for faux wood blinds. You gonna get the same design and functionality with the same looks at a way cheaper price tag. Yes, there are indeed huge differences in quality and class but this is the only best alternative to wood blinds.

If there is not an interior designer, no one can spot the difference. Also, the durability of faux wood blinds is a bit more impressive than wood blinds. Both are on the same level in terms of privacy maintenance and light management.

Also, faux wood blinds are much easier to maintain and require less attention than wood blinds. So, it is indeed a much better alternative investment to wood blinds.

Reason 5: Insulation

Natural wood is a natural insulator so by going for that you will have a nice degree in the interior. Faux wood is not far behind in these terms. Faux wood blinds are also effective in insulation, mainly because of their hard nature.

For much better insulation opt for custom-made faux wood blinds, so they can fit sharply across the window and provide insulation better than ready-made faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are cheaper so custom-made is also going to be much cheaper than custom-made wood blinds.

Note: Opt for cordless window blinds to avoid any accidental injury to your loved ones.

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