Priority for Mobile App Development

Why is Android the First Priority for Mobile App Development? 

Mobile app development has become a significant trend among emerging businesses. In fact, it is one of the best business strategies to improve market presence and build trust, credibility, and customer experience. However, Android is given more priority among businesses f or its significant advantages over other platforms.

In this blog, we will learn why Android is the first priority for mobile app development. We will also learn why you should hire an Mobile app development company to develop your Android app.

What is Android App Development?

Android app development is the process of developing mobile applications for the Android operating system. These apps are compatible with Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, infotainment systems, gaming consoles, and more.

Android is open-source software, thus, it is a lot easier for android app developers and businesses to make customization their applications. Moreover, it has also become the most dominant platform for smartphones.

Reasons Why Android is Given the First Priority for Mobile App Development

Better ROI

If you have decided to develop an Android app, then you can use the Android SDK, which is readily available and used for creating immersive mobile apps. Moreover, you just need to pay a one-time registration fee to deliver your application to the Google Play Store.

You won’t need to purchase specialized computers to develop Android devices. You can use almost any computer to develop and test your Android application. Thus, companies implementing Android app development are able to expect better ROI.

Easy Deployment

Google Play Store is relatively lenient as compared to Apple App Store when it comes to deploying the application on the store. Thus, developers and businesses don’t need to worry much about the rules and guidelines to get selected in the review process of the mobile application.

Businesses can take the advantage of this shorter deployment time and improve their Time-to-Market (TTM). Whereas, it takes more time in the review process if you are developing an iOS application.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

The introduction of the Android studio has greatly increased the adaptability and versatility of the operating system. Developers can greatly enjoy the huge potential of the Android ecosystem with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, Android TVs, infotainment systems, and more.

There’s a significant advantage with the Android OS when it comes to reaching a diverse customer base. This enables the development teams to explore a lot of devices with a single application.

Incredible Customization Options

The platform is known for providing the best customization options, which might not be available with the iOS platform. For this reason, global enterprises put more effort into Android app development when they hire mobile app developers from a leading mobile app development company.

Developers and businesses are given the freedom to include their custom features and themes in their Android applications. This is very important when you want to create a unique brand identity in a competitive market.

Easier to Innovate

The Android platform is preferred by tech enthusiasts and IT companies for its integration with innovative technologies. Being an open-source operating system, it gives developers scope for innovations without any restrictions. It opens the door for creativity and new market opportunities for innovative businesses.

The Google Support

Google is a leading IT company that provides robust support to developers, businesses, and users. Moreover, it also hosts a lot of essential services like Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Drive, and their search engine for the users. This makes Android a more beneficial option for businesses.

The Huge Supportive Community

The Android platform is supported by a huge friendly community of developers, designers, business experts, and enthusiasts. Thus, as a business, you can ensure complete support from the Android community whenever you are stuck with the development process.

Better Integration with Wearable Technology

Although Apple has become the pioneer in the wearable industry, Android still has more diverse wearable devices and development kits. Plus, enterprise-grade wearable apps are better developed with the Android platform.

Summing Up

Hiring an mobile app development company could be your best option if you want to ensure quality development. Codment has an extensive team of Android developers that can help you develop world-class applications with ease.