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Six Months Smile treatment from your friendly dental practice

Straightening the teeth with braces sounds pretty simple and hassle-free. But as far fact is concerned, it is not unless you are committed to a certain level. Treatment with braces continues for months at a stretch and at times these treatment procedures are indeed highly uncomfortable. But thanks to the latest evolutions in orthodontic dentistry, there are braces that can correct the alignment of your teeth, sort out crowded teeth or spacing issues as fast as in just six months!  

Yes, we are talking about the Six Months Smile programme. This orthodontic procedure proves ideal for people, who have mild misalignment issues with the front teeth. As such, this treatment is solely focused on those few teeth at the front that comprise your ‘smile zone’. These teeth show up invariably every time you smile. If you want to correct those mild misalignment issues with your front teeth then there is nothing better to this smile enhancement programme. The treatment is already tried and tested to work magic in such cases.

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More about the procedure

We have been offering this modern orthodontic treatment to the people of London as well as the nearby areas from our practice at Abbey Parade in Wimbledon for quite some time now. It is one of the popular treatments and our dentists can offer satisfactory results.

Here are few facts about it to help you get a clearer picture.

  • The treatment is provided through fixed cosmetic braces.  
  • Wires in the natural colour of the tooth and translucent brackets are also used in the treatment.
  • It is a discreet treatment and anyone will hardly know that you are on braces.
  • It is a great choice for adults who want to correct mild misalignment of the front teeth to improve their smile discreetly.
  • The programme keeps your smile looking fabulous throughout the treatment phase.
  • Compared to conventional fixed braces, this one is aesthetically more appealing.

As the name implies, on average the procedure takes about six months to deliver expected and stunning results. However the time varies from case to case because of certain factors. It may take as little as 4 months or could last about 8 to 9 months at the most based on the level of your misalignment.

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What is the reason Six Months Smile works so fast?

The Six Months Smile programme focuses only on the teeth at the front. Thus it can deliver results so quickly compared to traditional braces. The 6 Months Smile braces exert the same amount of force on the teeth as traditional braces. You can be rest assured your teeth will not be subjected to excessive pressure in this treatment.

Why should you choose this smile enhancement programme?

There is more than one reason to choose this particular smile enhancement programme. Few of the factors include –

Discreet treatment with discreet braces – Discretion is orthodontic treatments is the call of the time. People not only want effective procedures to straighten their teeth but they also want to keep their treatment discreet. Six Months Smile caters to this demand more than many other options. The braces seamlessly fit on your teeth. Moreover translucent brackets and tooth-coloured wires make the procedure an obvious choice for many.

Easier and hassle-free teeth maintenance – crowded, spaced or misaligned teeth make brushing and flossing the teeth a big challenging affair. On the other hand, well aligned teeth with zero interspacing gaps have lesser chances of catching up food debris and leading you to bad breath (halitosis) and cavity problems.

Bespoke orthodontic procedure – the appliances used in the treatment which include discreet braces, tooth-coloured wires and translucent brackets are especially made for your teeth. As a result the treatment proves comfortable and can even cater to your precise needs. On the whole, just like other modern orthodontic treatments, this one too is bespoke on all aspects.

Enjoy high confidence level during your treatment – Wearing braces can make anyone feel overly self conscious. Thus patients who are on braces are known to feel shaky to smile. They keep avoiding social situations as well. With discreet Six Months Smile programme you are always confident to show your teeth and greet everyone with your warm smile. You are always cool in workplace environment, on a date or while enjoying time with family and friends.

How Six Months Smile Programme works

It starts with a mandatory check-up consultation with your chosen orthodontist. The expert diagnoses your teeth to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Creating your unique treatment plan – based on the condition of your teeth and your dental needs, the dentist designs your unique treatment plan. Your treatment goes along this blueprint to deliver accurate and predicted results.   

Routine checkups – after getting your braces fitted to the teeth you have to visit our dental practice in Wimbledon to show us the treatment progress. You need to visit us anywhere between 3 and 7 visits for routine checkups throughout your treatment phase.

Check-ups: as well as performing a fitting we will plan checkups to observe your progress. You can expect between 3-7 adjustments.

Post braces retainers – you have to wear retainers once the Six Months Smile braces come off your teeth. This will ensure the teeth do not relapse or sink back into their initial position once there is no more support of the braces.

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