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Anyone familiar with online marketing will know that buying links will not help in content marketing. Google gives these links a low ranking on its results pages. It also makes the content look like it is spam. No one likes spam.

Buying backlinks is also not sustainable. It will eventually eat up your marketing budget and leave you with nothing more than a bunch of cheap links that won’t give any benefit to your website. To get lasting value, you need to get high-quality, inbound links from credible websites within the niche you operate in.

Here is how you can create high-quality links.

Connect With Influencers

Influencers exist everywhere, no matter which industry you are associated with. An influencer is someone with a considerable social media following. They are looked up to by many and wield significant influence in different industries. Because influencers already have some credibility, the best way to build organic links is to reach out to them.

You will first need to identify famous influencers within your industry. You also need to make sure they are easy to get into contact with. Going after someone who is not easily accessible will not give you a lot of good results. Build rapport with them by engaging with them on social media. Write a blog post or produce some other content that mentions some of the teachings of those influencers. Let the influencer know you have mentioned them by sending them a private message. There is a high likelihood that the influencer will promote your postrepost your content on their social media streams. This way your content will get a new audience.

Guest Blog for Relevant Platforms

The internet is a huge platform where loads of content are produced and published every single day. It will never be too small for any content. Guest blogging is a great way to get some organic links to your website. It will also help cement your reputation as an authority in your chosen niche. Guest blogging is a learning experience. However, it is much easier to get started than you may imagine.

The first thing you need to do is to look for high-ranking guest blogging platforms within your industry. Reach out to the owners of that platform and pitch your unique content to them. While all your content may not get accepted, even if some of it does, it will go a long way in popularizing your website. A solid guest blogging strategy will get your website on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) in a short period.

Conduct Interviews With Industry Influencers

People love hearing influencers talk. There are a few better ways to listen to your favorite influencers than in an original interview. Try to schedule interviews with influencers. They will provide some unique content for you to promote. This is something that will be valued by people who visit your website. At the same time, it will also help you secure a high-quality organic backlink from the website and/or social media platforms of the influencer.

Write Ultimate Guides

Ultimate guides are a popular type of content. They offer great value to readers. This is also incredibly evergreen content. Ultimate guides can get links for you even years after they have been published.

Ultimate guides are useful for all industries. They are generally long-form content. They go in-depth on the chosen topic and are a couple of thousand words long. If you are working as a content marketer, you can write a comprehensive guide on how one can enter this field. If you are interested in the automotive industry, you may publish a comprehensive guide on what kind of oil to use for various engine sizes. Ultimate guides are popular because they provide comprehensive information for readers.

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Summing Up

Although purchasing links for your website to give it a high ranking may seem like an attractive option, it will only give you benefits in the short run. Building up organic links will help your website in the long run. Produce high-quality engaging content so it can get organic links and make your website successful in the long run.

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