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Extractor fans are regularly seen each day – and at some point or another have essentially been used by everyone – yet the exact way in which they work is less often understood. What’s more, sometimes extractor fans like any piece of machinery, may require some maintenance and troubleshooting after a period of time. What’s why now is a good time to detail what to be mindful of when an extractor fan is not working. 

How Does an Extractor Fan Work Precisely?

At the start it’s important to detail that there are many different types of extractor fans available on the market. As a result of this, there can indeed be some variables from one to the next in terms of how they work precisely. This notwithstanding, basically all of them look to perform one common task: they extract moisture or particles from the room, and thereafter expel it outside. This process is achieved by the utilisation of a motor which spins the fan. In this vein, an extractor fan operates in a similar fashion to a typical household fan which is utilised for cooling, with the exception to this found in the fact that it expels cold out outside, whereas ultimately a household fan will just recirculate air inside the home. 

So, What Can an Extractor Fan Do Exactly?

In particular rooms such as laundries, kitchens, and bathrooms, people can spend a significant period of time from one day to the next. It’s a reality that when these rooms are hard to be in – due to humidity (which can generate a feeling that feels ‘stuffy’) – this can result in the whole room(s) being unpleasant overall to be in, and accordingly reduce significantly the amount of time people would look to spend in them otherwise. IN turn, the unpleasant air found among these rooms can unfortunately often spread to other areas around the home, which increases the discomfort which can be felt across the property as a whole. Yet fortunately, extractor fans can provide a significant benefit in looking to address this issue, and furthermore, they can save a notable amount on air conditioning, which would be put to use otherwise in an effort to help cool the home. 

What May Cause an Extractor Fan to Stop Working?

A quality extractor fan should be reliable and perform without issue for a long period of time.
This said, the role of an extractor fan can involve some ‘heavy lifting’, and accordingly it’s not impossible for issues with one to arise from time to time. 

What Can Commonly Fix an Extractor Fan Problem?

Addressing issues surrounding dust buildup is commonly a way for an extractor fan to be fixed. In turn, there may be the need to replace the motor, if it is no longer performing properly. Furthermore, sometimes the problem may involve wiring. Ultimately, every extractor fan is different, and accordingly a proper assessment by a professional with suitable expertise should always occur, in order to effectively diagnose the problem. 


Extractor fans serve a very valuable purpose, but like any piece of machinery they can sometimes require maintenance, and attention when troubleshooting issues arise. Accordingly, when it emerges an extractor fan isn’t working, it’s important to understand there is often scope for the problem to be fixed, by utilising the information gained in this piece. 

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