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Premium video streaming apps offer a wide range of high-definition movies, recent shows, and direct OTT releases. You can also stream from multiple devices simultaneously. There are many paid streaming apps, but few offer free access to the content.

Why Choose These Apps?

You might see fewer commercials as you get premium content at no cost. You can still expect third-party apps to be completely ad-free. This sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

We have also analyzed the main features such as video quality, playback options, and Real Debrid. Subtitles are another example.

Let’s now get to the best movie streaming apps.

1. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is an android app that allows you to watch free movies and TV shows. You must be a VIP member to access all features of the Cinema HD app.

Most people don’t care about its VIP model, but they still use its basic plan. Even, that’s enough!

cinema hd app logo

You can download the app like any other APK file (Not from Play Store). Then you can stream immediately. You don’t need to give your information, there is no signup form and you can stream immediately.

Cinema HD, as promised, is completely free and partially ad-free. It also offers unlimited content with regular updates. Apps like cinema HD are also listed in this post. 

2. Vudu

I’ve seen many Vudu user reviews online. They get free movies and tv programs. Vudu allows you to access limited content, but you will have many options. You can also watch premium content for free and of high quality.

It is also available on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and Mac.

Vudu also has the option to redeem gift cards or codes for premium content that can be added to the bucket.

3. Filmplus

Its name alone reminds us of the fact that this is a massive film-oriented app. It’s a free application for movies, and it has received a lot of attention from the streaming industry.

It was originally created to replace Showbox and Terrarium TV but has since become a standard app for the film. This platform offers everything for free, including premium providers, trakt cast, TV mode, and TV mode.

Filmplus is not available in any official stores. You can download Filmplus directly from the official website.

4. Pluto TV

PlutoTV is another popular and rapidly-growing paid streaming service. You will be able to access a huge library of entertainment content.

Live TV features and access to all major television channels such as Sony, Ten Sports, BBC, etc. are the best parts of Pluto TV.

5. Peacock TV

PeacockTV, an American-based best OTT platform service, allows you to view 10K+ hours of free content. This includes limited series of TV shows and the most recent movies.

Peacock TV was launched in 2020. It has quickly become a popular site. The free version will show annoying ads, but it’s normal.

Peacock TV’s layout is simple and modern, which makes it a great streaming service.

6. Moviebox PRO

Moviebox Pro is a streaming tool that’s free and was created by an unknown developer. It finds the best streaming links and makes them available for smart TVs and mobile devices. This retrieves content from third-party host sites, and all streams are secure and high quality.

It isn’t available in the official store, but it is still among the top 10 streaming services. Additionally, it holds the record for the most downloaded unofficial apps with 10M+.

MovieBox supports multiple platforms and can be installed on Android or iOS.

It’s a digital streaming service that offers up to 8K high-quality movies and shows.

7. Crackle

Crackle provides a revolutionary media platform for movie fans and anyone looking for HD originals or titles on any device. You can access the VPN to access their content even though it is not available in certain countries.

Crackle also offers a variety of categories, including comedy, dramas, adventure, thrillers, animation, children, and many more. You only need an account to browse your favorite pages, go to their website and sign up for it.

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Last Thoughts

This page is your invitation to free stuff. You should check out the services listed above. These apps are safe, reliable, and simple to use.

This list contains both web-based and app services, so users can use their preferred platforms on their devices. Three third-party android APKs have been added that you can manually install and which offer lots of content.

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