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Top tips for an Instagram marketing

Do you want to start an Instagram advertising campaign? Are you interested in trying a new channel of marketing for your business? This article will explain how to advertise using Instagram Ads.

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What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads (or advertising on Instagram) is an advertising platform that uses images or videos to reach a target audience using different segmentation criteria.

You want to invest money that you can fix to provide content to people who have similar interests.

Instagram Ads are the same way as Facebook ads. This is because the same platform Facebook Ads is used. It has become one of the most popular ad management platforms with over a billion users. monthly.

Which types and formats can you use on Instagram?


The easiest and most widely used format to use is the image format. It is difficult to create an image ad that grabs the attention of your target audience in a setting where the quality of the photographs is high.

Include a high-quality image that conveys the message of your campaign and stands out for its creativity and quality.

You will reap the rewards of all your investments made at this stage. You will also get lower advertising costs and higher conversions.

Although the square is the most popular format, you can also use horizontal or vertical formats.


Video is the most popular format on social media networks. It has been a star of the network, and it has established itself as the best form of interaction and the one that connects users the most.

Two factors are responsible for this. Moving images are more attractive than static images. On the other hand, a video can convey more information and users will appreciate more details that will show that they have the best option for purchasing.

Sequence or carousel

You can display up to 10 images and videos in your ads through sequences or carousels. You can also use this feature to:

Highlight the different aspects of a product.

Multiple products are displayed.

List the characteristics of a service.

You can create a mosaic composition.

Creativity is the key to all things. Visual marks are a great way to encourage users to view all images in the carousel. If a video is included, ask the user to swipe to view the next video.


Stories have many benefits, including the immersive experience. For 15 seconds, you have the complete attention of the user, and you can convince him to take the objective action.

It also limits the number of images and videos you can use. To expand your creative options and communicate a message, you can use multiple images or videos.


You will be able to show the users a collection in a visually appealing format that is fully adapted to mobiles using the collections.

You can also install the Facebook pixel to your website and sync your online store catalog with Facebook to display the products that are most relevant to your customers.

See more ads

Explore ads are found in the Explore tab. This tab allows users to discover new content and accounts tailored to their interests.

Explore ads are a way for businesses to be found alongside culturally relevant and trending content since the content in users’ Explore tabs changes constantly. This content can be both in image or video format.

Insta Videos

Instagram Video Advertisements are video ads that appear after users click to view a video in your feed. These videos can last up to 15 minutes for normal users, and up to 60 minutes if you have verified profiles. These videos should be displayed vertically on a full-screen display.


Instagram updates its e-commerce functionality every year. Instagram shopping ads direct users to product descriptions pages within the app. They can then shop on the mobile site. You will need an Instagram shopping cart to run shopping ads.


Reels was launched successfully and Instagram now allows advertisers to place ads within Reels. These vertical videos can last up to 60 seconds and are full-screen. They should contain sound or music to be compatible with organic reels.

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