Top 5 cloud call centre software in India

Cloud call centre providers are the most important to meet today’s requirements. These are web-based services that handle inbound and outgoing phone calls and customer interactions. Cloud call centres are virtual call centres that may be accessed from anywhere. Any firm can provide customer satisfaction for any service-related problem with seamless and effective customer communication. Access to smart call centre software in India is critical for quick communication transformation. Customers will be more satisfied if you use cloud call centre software. Many firms have benefited from the introduction of cloud call centre providers. So the top 5 cloud call centre providers in India will be discussed in this post.


Knowlarity is an excellent cloud telephony solution and is one of India’s top 5 cloud call centre providers. With the Knowlarity cloud telephony services, businesses may keep all of their data on the cloud for faster access and simpler data management. Your business can use various cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual numbers, IVR, click-to-call, missed call service, outbound calling, etc, and to get the information whenever they want. Multi-site agents may sync conversations in real-time with their mobile sales force application thanks to Knowlarity’s contact centre technology, unlocking important benefits for your company. By offering skill-based agent routing, bespoke regional welcomes and wait-time updates, the Knowlarity’s cloud software solution improves the caller experience. Knowlarity offers a customised journey to your consumers on their preferred channel, and you can engage them more effectively and streamline your business communication process.

  1. Exotel:

Exotel is Asia’s leading cloud call centre provider, with specific features such as interactive voice response, call recording, small call routing, and simple lead management. They work with small and medium businesses in India and Southeast Asia. Exotel call centre software is developed by Bangalore-based ExotelTechcom Pvt Ltd. Exotel’s cloud telephony service gets rid of the need for hardware and preservation. Exotel is an industry phone system that includes excellent features such as Smart IVR. In 5 minutes, the cloud telephony device can set up an effective call routing, administration, and recording system. The company currently handles over 5 million daily calls from over 18000 businesses. Among their offerings are number masking, lead help, virtual numbers, IVR, SMS, and call recording software.

  1. Ameyo:

Ameyo is a cloud-based communication raised area that handles end-to-end purchaser journeys and incessantly delivers great customer experience. It is IP-based contact centre software that’s both powerful and adaptable. It allows you to have a personalised relationship with each consumer across numerous channels, resulting in high levels of customer engagement. With over 1500 installations across more than twelve business verticals, including Banking, BPO, E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare, and Retail. Ameyo has a diverse customer base on a global scale. They provide services intending to develop world-class enterprise ventures in India. Ameyo offers several technologies, including voice, chat and video, to help contact centres automate customer interaction.

  1. M cube:

 M cube, a Bangalore-based cloud call centre operator, was founded in 2006 and operated in 106 countries. Call Tracking, recording, multi-level IVRS, toll-free number, auto dialer, lead management, and other services are available. Automated helpline, business telephony system, integration reporting, scalability, multi-level IVR, complicated coding, and technical knowledge are all elements of M cubes. Call centre software from Mcube is different from a commercial phone system. MCube is a cloud-based integrated communication platform that includes Business Helpline, Virtual PBX, Call Tracking and telephony integrated marketing automation solutions like Lead Management and Support Management.

  1. Servetel:

Servetel is a cloud call centre in Gurugram founded in 2017, and it is a privately held corporation to reinvent and virtualize the world’s telecommunication infrastructure. This is one of India’s construction businesses, ensuring consistent and efficient contact with their clients. Voice toll-free numbers, call broadcasts, IVRS, and other items are used to carry out the company’s services. Best-in-class HD quality, lower costs, customizable and expandable plans, 100 percent customer satisfaction, and round-the-clock technical support are just a few of Servetel’s benefits.

Integrate cloud telephony with Knowlarity:

These are India’s top 5 cloud call centre providers and provide a wide range of intelligent solutions. Knowlarity, the leading cloud contact centre provider, is in charge of providing a wide range of commercial services. It is an important part of managing communication cost-effectively, scalable, and efficiently.

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