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How do you format a Bangla newspaper report?

Newspaper reports, like any other formal writing, follow a specific format. For instance, there are three types of reports: newspaper & magazine, business, and technical. And each of these reports follows a different style.

So, it’s no different for Bangla newspaper reports. Let’s take a look at the format in which all Bangla news is written.

Format for Bangla newspaper report: 6 Parts

There are 6 main parts to a Bangla newspaper report. Generally, this is the standard format newspapers in any language would follow.

Check the list below and learn about the segments.

  1. Title/ Headline
  2. Byline
  3. Reporter’s name
  4. Designation
  5. Date and place
  6. Introduction
  7. Body
  8. Description of the incident and comments from witnesses
  9. Conclusion

Now, let’s talk more about the 6 parts individually. That way, you will know how to write and what to include in a specific segment.

Part 1: The title/ headline

The headline of the news report is the essential element of a news report. The headline gives an initial idea about certain news.

That means the title will be descriptive enough to explain what the news is about. Yet, you will see that the titles in the newspaper reports are not too long.

So, you need to write in a way so that you can tell readers what exactly the piece of writing talks about. And you must manage to put that in a precise manner.

What is more, you need to make the heading interesting so that people read it. For that reason, Bangla newspapers usually include alliteration in order to make headlines catchy.

Part 2: The byline

This is the part the writer includes their names. Let’s say you are responsible for drafting a report, so you put your name in the byline. Note that, you are supposed to include any personal information. Keeping that in, you include the writer’s name and designation.

Part 3: Date and place

Including the date and place is essential. Because it is critical to know when one has created a report. Also, it’s important to mention where you are writing from.

So, in terms of adding the place, you need to consider where you are while writing the report. Let’s say, you are in Dhaka. And you can write Dhaka, not Bangladesh.

While writing the date, you need to follow a specific format too. You don’t have to mention the year. Also, you need to spell out the name of the month. Next, you add a colon after the date. After that, you can start writing the introduction.

The date format: ‘January 13’

Part 4: Introduction

This is another crucial part of reports. This segment is meant to tell the reader what is precisely in the body. Interestingly, most of the time people read the introduction only and leave.

Because the introduction includes what happened, where it happened, how it happened, and when it happened. Sometimes, it might require you to specify ‘who’ as well. That actually depends on the details of a news report.

It’s sad that readers don’t always take the time to read an entire report. But this is how it is. That’s why you must write the whole report to capture a reader’s complete attention.

However, even if someone doesn’t go over the entire report, the report will still be helpful to them when you write the introduction correctly.

Part 5: The body

Once you are done writing the introduction. Next, the interested readers will want to move forward. For that, you talk about what, where, how, when, and who in detail.

The body will be of more than one paragraph. In fact, you make as many paragraphs as you need. Most importantly, you need to talk broadly and clearly, about what the witnesses are saying and how an event escalated.

Part 6: Conclusion

It’s the paragraph at the bottom. However, it’s not like all paragraphs at the end of writing will be considered conclusions. To form a conclusion, you need to talk about what could be the impacts of an event.

Also, you can say what happened previously related to the event. Or, you can write the conclusion as the report requires it to.

To warp-up

Creating a good Bangla newspaper is one of the primary responsibilities of a reporter. This means they must follow the format. There are a few more things reporters need to keep in mind. Such as—they need to report on interesting events or a piece of news that they think needs to be shared.

Also, in an ideal report, there will be quotes and pictures. Finally, you don’t need to make a piece unnecessarily long.

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