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Can LED Burn Your House Down When Converting to LED Lighting

Once LED light was quite expensive, they were not meant for typical use. But time has changed, and now it has become a more popular choice. Hence people are converting to LED from traditional fluorescent bulbs for their houses.

But the question remains—can LEDs cause a fire in your house? Well, the LED or fire light bulb itself is not the problem. It mainly causes fire due to improper installation. So, if you’re worried about your house safety, let’s explore the topic further.

Can LED Lights Become Hot Enough to Start a Fire?

An LED light bulb can reach a temperature of around 32 degrees celsius after 3 minutes of operation, while the incandescent bulb heats up to 216 degrees celsius at the same time.

So by now, you must understand the bulb itself is not the responsible thing that causes a fire.

What Leads to Fire While Converting to LED Lighting?

Research shows that the leading cause of the fire is none other than the incompatible installation. Wiring problems and trying to fit a bulb in the wrong fixture with too high wattage can cause a serious issue.

LED bulbs are more delicate than incandescent bulbs. They need the right amount of electricity to shine brightly and safely. It can’t bear unusual voltage or power supply. As a result, you have to be careful about their installation.

Basically, all LED lights have a built-in driver that provides the right amount of electricity to the components. The capacitor is another important element responsible for controlling power. If there is a heating issue, these two are usually responsible for that.

Hence, if you think about changing your fluorescent tube lights to LED, you should change the entire system as the two technologies are totally different.

Safety Guidelines For LED Lights

You see, an LED bulb is not a dangerous thing. The main problem is how you handle it. So, you should follow the safety guideline to avoid any unexpected situations.

The safety rules are as follows.

  • All LED bulbs come with manufacturing details and specifications. Read them carefully before doing the installation and follow accordingly.
  • Install LED lights only in compatible fixtures and environments.
  • Try to avoid enclosed fixtures and don’t obstruct the heat dispersion system. Still, if your home has an enclosed system for lighting, you can go for bulbs that are “Enclosed Fixture Rated.”
  • Make sure your wiring is up-to-date and fault-free; they can support the LED lights.

What are The Best Things to Do With Old But Active Bulbs?

So, after changing all your bulb and giving your place a new look, you might be wondering about what you should do with your still-functioning old bulb, right?

Well, you can just throw them away. Lights save a lot of energy; they are also more eco-friendly than the typical old bulb. So, once you decide to install LED in your home, never try to go back to the old system.

But please note that don’t throw CFL tubes into general waste. They contain mercury which is harmful to the environment.

Can a LED Light Cause Fire If You Keep It On for a Long Time?

Actually, leaving any bulb on for a long period can start a fire. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, you can never know when an accident will happen.

It’s quite common that decorative and festive lights often cause fire as they are usually left switched on for a long period. Especially Christmas trees are often caught on fire as many flammable materials are kept around them. But unlike any other bulbs, lights are less hot. Therefore, they are less riskier of contact fire.

However, if you install LED lights following rules, with proper wiring and proper heat dissipation, you can keep the bulb on 24/7. Another thing is that LED bulbs do not go downhill from switching on and off. They deteriorate only because of high temperatures. Thus, if you simply keep this under control, the light won’t be at a fire risk!

Still, it’s better to be alert than late. So, don’t leave your LED lights for too long to be on the safe side. It saves your utility bill too.

Bottom Line

Now you know what you should do to change your lighting system into LED and reduce your house’s chances of burning down. LED light is one of the safest electrical tools. Just install it correctly, and you are good to go!

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