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The Important Questions to Ask Your Study Visa Consultants

You must be aware of some of the best study visa consultants around you. We are pretty sure that you will be feeling confused about which consultant to approach or which not to. But we are here to help you with this. If you are planning to approach a study visa consultant, then asking him some questions will help you in finalizing your decision to continue with him or not. Without a doubt, you will always desire to choose the best for you. Don’t worry. In this article, we have encapsulated the questions that can help you know if you have approached the right study visa consultants or not. 

Well, the trustworthy visa consultant will listen to you with patience and will answer your queries clearly. If your visa consultant is in haste then it is not wise to continue with him. Make sure the study visa consultant you are approaching is experienced and can be trusted. Reaching out to the experienced study visa consultants in Jalandhar can help you in getting your visa approved quickly. 

Go through the following points to know the important questions that you should ask your visa consultant. 

  • Ask about their experience

Taking a deep insight into their experience can help you know a lot about them. Experience plays a  very vital role. Not only because to save yourself from frauds. But also to get the right guidance. Because taking information about the right programs and instructions is very important for you. Misinformation or half information will create trouble for you after you have migrated abroad. Therefore, you should ask about their experience in this field. Having knowledge of their experience will help you proceed with them confidently. 

  • Ask about the medium of payment

Well, avoid making payment to your study visa consultant in cash. Ask them about the mode of payment they use to accept the payments. Make sure he is not in the haste or urging you to submit the fee urgently. It is wise to stay patient while making such a  hefty payment. It is better to make payments through online mode but with patience. So that you can have a record of payment. Additionally, you can choose your own way to make payment. Go through the best payment options. Well, notice a good study visa consultant will not urge you to make payment in a specific mode. 

  • Are you receiving the correct information?

It is necessary to ensure that your visa consultant is giving you the right information. Notice if they have the proper understanding of all the immigration business. It isn’t difficult to know if you are receiving the correct information or not. You will take hardly the time of one or two days to know this. It is wise to stay alert before making a huge investment. But make sure you are clear about what you want and what you don’t. So that, you can get accurate information according to your needs. 

  • What to do after getting a visa refusal?

Many immigration consultants promise their clients to refund the amount if their visas don’t get approved. Well, this is in very few cases. Sometimes you have to pay the entire visa only after you have gotten your visa approved. Therefore, you must make efforts to find a consultant who can help you get your visa approved without any hindrances. Also, asking this question to your visa consultant will also help you take a  deep insight into their knowledge. 

  • Ask them about the basic eligibility criteria for the family members

Well, there are different types of immigration programs that can allow you to migrate to the country with your family members. This can literally help you reduce your tension as you will get a chance to live with your family members. Asking your visa consultants about the best programs that can help you with this is a good option to know about their knowledge. A true visa consultant will help you get detailed knowledge about this sort of concept in the best possible way. Making sincere efforts to reach out to the best study visa consultant is necessary. So that you can turn your dream of settling in aboard easily. 


If your visa consultant isn’t answering your questions with patience then you must avoid continuing with him. You have to make sincere efforts to reach the best study visa consultant. So that you can cede the crucial information and money to a trustworthy study visa consultant.

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