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The usage of solar panels is growing in popularity for commercial building owners. But what about solar panels for residential homeowners? As the world continues to switch to clean and renewable energy sources, solar panels are most probably the best option for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Most people are aware of solar power and its s “green energy” status. However, only a few people know about the environmental and public health benefits of using solar panels. They are more useful than you might think. You will find out that in this blog. In this blog, we will talk about how your residential solar panel system can also contribute to protecting our precious planet. So, let’s get started!

  • Carbon dioxide emissions  

Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere has a substantial impact on climate change. The presence of more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere results in continuously warming the planet and climate change. Because of this, there are several numerous negative effects on public health. It makes it easier for infectious diseases to spread, increases famines and droughts and causes even natural disasters. However, you can play your role and help to diminish these threats by switching to solar energy. Using solar panels for generating electricity prevents air pollution since they only need sunlight and does not emit carbon dioxide in order to run. 

  • Methane emissions 

Many people might know about carbon dioxide and its role in causing global warming. However, only a few people know about methane. Methane stays in the atmosphere much longer than carbon dioxide. Like carbon dioxide, it also traps more heat and radiation. The impact of methane is 25 times worse than carbon dioxide. Burning natural gas and petroleum releases huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere. However, the solar energy source produces none. So, it is better to use solar power more. 

  • Ground pollution

Non-renewable energy sources cause harm to the ground in several ways. Like, oil spills into soil and fracking for natural fuel impact habitats and several layers of the earth negatively. Nuclear power releases radioactive materials into the ground resulting in radiation poisoning in people. However, solar panels are have nothing to do with ground pollution. Even though solar panels contain lead and materials that can be dangerous, their threat is small. Therefore, installing a solar panel on your rooftop will be a perfect way to have your own energy generator without causing any harm to the environment. 

  • Air pollution 

According to  World Health Organization, about 4.2 million people die prematurely every year because of air pollution. The main cause of air pollution is the burning of oil. Burning oil releases several harmful elements into the air and has many carcinogenic effects. Similarly, coal also releases chemicals such as sulfur dioxide that can cause damage to your lungs when inhaled. Other than that, any kind of air pollutants can cause dangerous effects on the eyes and can cause both short term and long term damage to your vision in worse cases. Thankfully, solar panels don’t cause any air pollution at all. 

Where you can buy solar systems for your residence now?

Well, if you have now understood how good it will be for the environment if you use a residential solar panel system, you can think of getting it. To buy a solar panel system for your residence, you can reach out to food and reliable solar panel manufacturer in your city.

The Bottom Line

Since you now know how clean and good it is to use solar energy for the environment, you should get one for yourself fast. If the environmental issues do not seem like a problem to you, just think of using solar panels to lower your electricity expense. You think of at least that and consider installing solar panels on your rooftop at least once. No matter what, do consider installing solar panels on your rooftop. 

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