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Do you find yourself constantly playing that same old game on your smartphone? Do you want to take a break from the endless and futile gaming sessions that are making you lazier? As the temperature starts to rise up, people are looking for means to stay active and you should too. Ping-pong tables or table tennis is a simple game with simpler rules which makes it an excellent source of fun and entertainment. Like badminton, table tennis is a simple game that gets you to be active. 

So if you’re looking for the best table tennis table for your home or table tennis academy, you’ll get total guidance. 

What to consider?

Not all table tennis tables are the same. In fact, table tennis tables come in a wide range of specifications. Here are the important specifications you need to consider that will impact your enjoyment of the game:

Indoor/Outdoor: Table tennis tables are made in two varieties: outdoor and indoor tables. 

Storage: There are easy-foldable tables that can be folded and kept in smaller spaces. These are useful if you have limited space in your house. But if you don’t have a shortage of space in your house, there are fixed ones in the market. 

Skill-level: Not every table is fit for all kinds of players. Separate tables are available for beginners, intermediates, and pros. 

Size: Standard-sized tables are for adults while there are smaller options available that are suitable for kids. 

The 6 Best Table Tennis Table

To help you decide on one, here are the 5 picks on the best table tennis table. 

1. Joola Indoor Table Tennis 

Although suitable mostly for beginners, the Joola Indoor Table Tennis works well for advanced players. The table has a standard size and comes 95% assembled. Quick and easy installations could be done within 10 minutes. The table can be dismantled into two halves and the presence of 3-inch lockable wheels makes this product movable. 

2. Butterfly Store Outdoor Ping Pong Table 

If you’re in shortage of indoor space and have a nice empty backyard, the Butterfly Outdoor Ping Pong Table is one of the best table tennis tables for you. You can keep it in your backyard or garage. Don’t worry, because a protective seal is added to the table to prevent the wood from decomposition. There’s a slight difference in the bounce but the difference is subtle enough to be unnoticeable by beginners. 

3. Donic Waldner Classic Table Tennis 

This table is approved by International Table Tennis Federation and has a 25mm thick surface that offers a professional bounce and consistency. It’s also foldable and can be rolled into short spaces. It looks and feels pretty durable and the safety lock is an additional feature. 

4. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis 

The GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis table is pretty basic and sold with two paddles and four balls. The surface area of the table is 6×3 feet which is smaller than standard table tennis tables. The lightweight of the table and the built-in carrying handles makes it easy to be carried by only one person. 

5. JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Table Top 

Embrace yourselves because the JOOLA Tetra Ping Pong Table Top is not actually a table but it’s better than that. The first reason is it does not consume the space required by a conventional table. Instead, it lets you convert a billiard, air hockey, dining, or picnic table into a table tennis set. The top can be dismantled into 4 pieces and has a hinge design that makes the dismantling easy. 

6. Pick-Up-And-Go Table 

Exactly like it’s named, the Pick-Up-And-Go Table is the most-suitable transportable table tennis table. The table is small and generally suitable for kids or if you plan to load it up in your van and take it along on your trips, this product works well. 

To make transportation easier for you, the product comes with a carrying case with handles. On a sweet note, the set comes with two paddles and three balls to get you started. 

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