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The Internet has made it much easier, faster, and affordable to start your eCommerce brand with minimum investment. It has encouraged many people to establish eCommerce businesses. However, to earn real income from your eCommerce store, you need to adopt some innovative methods and use the right tactics for growth. In this post we will discuss some strategies to start an eCommerce store with a good sales potential:

Check Amazon reviews to identify the products people need

From platforms like Amazon reviews, you can get an overview of what products in your niche people like, what do they disliking most importantly what are the major expectations of hose customers that haven’t been met yet.

 You can also check other websites like Facebook, Twitter, quora, review sites, and social media listening. If you need a more direct answer then you can also create polls to get more precise answers. All such material will help you understand the gaps in the market and pick the products/develop solutions that perfectly fill that gap. 

Note down key pain points of your consumers

Start by noting down the major pain points of your targeted audiences and the precise solution they are keen to get For instance most customers are tired of and irritated by the spray bottles that don’t spray the right amount, requires more force for spraying, and doesn’t offer a frictionless experience. Moreover, these sprays don’t allow you to use the contents to the fullest as once the contents reach the bottom the nozzle will stop spraying no matter how much force you apply. Perhaps you and come up with a brilliant solution for that. You can advertise it as “New spray bottles- now spray quickly and easily till the last drop!” It will naturally attract the attention f dissatisfied customers – “spray till the last drop”- wasn’t it something that they have been trying o achieve with their conventional spray bottle for years? They can easily relate to that and you will get the right publicity. 

Build a good eCommerce website

While it is true that you can sell items through your Facebook page people generally trust the businesses that are confident enough to build a fairly decent website for their brands. It not only shows that you are here for a long time at also instills trust in the people. Building your website has become easier and cheaper than ever thanks to the latest drag and drop site building editors and high competition that has significantly reduced the prices. Moreover having your website gives you extensive creative freedom. Along with building a good site it is also important to buy domain name that clearly reflects your brand ideology. So, it is best to properly research different domain names before picking the right one for your store.

Wow your customers

People factor is ways the best tool to transform your business into a brand people would love to invest in. There are several ways to gain this people-to-people connection but the best way is through excellent customer service. Every brand claims to value its customers while pitching its products or services. However, many of them cut the sorry figure when it comes to resolving after-sales queries and complaints. Concentrating on this part not only positions your brand as the brand that truly cares about their customers but also helps you to steadily increase the ticket size and upsell to the existing customers which is way easier than acquiring the new ones. Secondly, perfect customer services also encourage the existing customers to refer your brand to their peers, family, and friends as well which is a great way to organically grow your brand. In that way, you can bold a strong army of brand committed ambassadors who have purchased and used your products/services. 

Go for hybrid model- Consider selling offline as well 

Depending upon the products you deal in it would also be a great idea to consider selling offline as well. Many physical products like fashion accessories are a part of pulse buying that tempt people to buy at the first glance. Besides, offline selling also empower you to take advantage of specific occasions and locations like Christmas fair or a lively shopping mall frequented by high-end customers.


Making your niche in the already congested ecommerce space is not easy. You need to have a solid strategy and unique ideas that set you apart. For that you need to conduct a deep market research. In this post we mentioned some of the actionable tips to start a unique yet profitable ecommerce venture with a good potential. 

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